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    Last year , I was on antibiotics for 5 times, now I have candida! My tongue is white and I have sinus infections, asthma, craving for sugar, etc. I,m 5’6 and weight 120 pounds. How can I start this diet without loosing weight? I’m so skinny!! The last three months I have being gaining weight and I feel better, but I notice that I have my tongue white again, and start searching on the web and did the saliva candida test and was positive. I just order last night Zand Candida Cleanse, is this work? Please help!!!
    PS: Sorry If I have a grammar mistake, my english is not the best 🙂


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    You should follow the protocol on the forum. Email able 900 for the allowed food list. I’ve never heard of zand candida cleanse but before you run out and buy so many things read as much as you can here on the forum and then buy what has helped people so far. In terms of weight I lost weight and then I gained it back. Don’t worry it’s a natural part of the treatment but you will be able to gain some back in time. I m 5 9 I went from 170 to 140 and I’m 11 weeks into the diet and I’m 150. If u have candida focus on getting it under control.

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