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    I think after completing this diet (I just started, so maybe it’ll be 1-2 years for me) I will go completely gluten-free and refined sugar-free forever, but dream of the days when I can have things that are restricted on this diet:

    – Sweet potatoes
    – soy sauce
    – Carrots
    – occasional tea
    – black beans
    – maybe some Swiss cheese now and then 🙂
    – alcohol (I’ll need to research, I think there’s some like potato vodka that doesn’t contain yeast)

    FRUIT! These are my favorites:
    – blackberries
    – raspberries
    – necktarines
    – apples
    – cherries
    – grapefruit
    – pomegranate

    What foods are you waiting to eat again?


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    I really miss my choc. soy/berry smoothies, muesli & granola cereal ….. my list is very long! LOL.

    I miss the simplicity of meal preparations for my family. I’m getting better & more organized by preparing some of my “stuff” earlier in the day.

    And I think our next family cruise will be rather challenging for me…. no Pina Colada & no dessert buffet table! That will be a huge change.

    Monday will be 2 weeks for me on a very clean, strict diet. I’m still trying to sort all of the information out but I feel better now than I have in the past 5 years. If I continue to see these successful results, that will be a huge motivator for staying away from the sugar/yeast items.
    The only downside to this elimination diet is the rapid weight loss. I lost 8 lbs & for me this is plenty. Another 10 or 15 lbs, & I may start to look unhealthy.
    Hoping as I try adding new foods back in gradually, some foods will have good carbs & calories.


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    I want pizza, tacos w/cheese, chips and salsa, cookies and milk, chocalate, coffee, cheese quesadillas…can’t wait to have it again!


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    Not exactly craving healthy food, just yet 🙂

    I’d love pizza – deep dish: supreme or vegetarian delight. Salami sandwich w/ mustered. Kettle Chips (Honey Dijon). Ranch dressing. Eggs. Cheese. Sushi. Lasagna. Lobster Rockefeller. Chili dog w/ cheese. Root beer float. Chicken Gyro. Cookies N’ Cream ice cream. Teacakes. Almond Joy 🙂

    That’s what I’m craving, as of now. Perhaps later, it will get healthier, later – haha.

    Healthy Food I do enjoy… but not craving, as of now…

    Honeydew Melon
    Whole Wheat Bread
    Yogurt (Activia – Vanilla)
    Oranges or Clementines
    Wheat pasta
    Plantain Chips
    Mixed Nuts
    Wild Rice

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