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    Went to First Assist and the MD let me have an Rx for Nystatin, but it’s for the pills. The powder was not available. I’m going to ask if I can return it but I doubt I can. I was going to use it, but then I did some reading here about it and now I don’t think I’ll use it after all. I don’t think I have overgrowth, I just have a lack of good bacteria that I think Lauricidin killed off.

    If oregano oil, SF722, GSE, and Berberine don’t help, I doubt that Nystatin will either, is that right?

    I’ve been taking Lactulose and it seems to be causing die-off symptoms. Not real bad, just that I seem to feel it in my mind, I tend to be a bit less cheerful. I also feel a bit tired, and achy from it, I think, but I don’t think it’s doing me harm. I take 1 tsp 2x a day with probiotics, plus I eat probiotic foods.

    I was reading about some guy online that was taking Lactulose and Nystatin, so I thought I’d see if I cold get some and do the same. Well, that idea might cost me about $40. I have been spending $$ like no tomorrow on supps lately. I need to keep trying things until I find things that help me out of the mess I got into.

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