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    I was flying home Sunday, and, because of a delayed flight, I didn’t get in until later than I expected. When I got home it was 11pm. I hadn’t eaten in 9 hours and I was starving. So I ate a meal. I knew it wasn’t the best thing, but I stayed up a couple hours to try to give it at least some time to digest.

    Since Monday afternoon I have had a sludge-like kind-of-diarrhea that I associate with candida. I’m a bit devastated by this. I have been doing the strict protocol for nearly five months and, besides some whiteness on my tongue, things have been going extremely well.

    Am I going to have to start all over just because I ate too late one night? Does my progress count for nothing now? Has anyone had an experience with eating late, good or bad?

    Also, I can’t say for certain that eating too late was the culprit. Perhaps the antifungal I was taking stopped being useful prior to two weeks. Or maybe my body is reacting from having kefir both Sunday night and Monday morning (I normally just do a morning dose, and have only started that recently).


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    I wouldn’t worry about it too much; bm’s should change throughout your treatment from good to bad and back and forth…atleast this is my experience with it despite eating the same thing everyday.

    The diarrhea is slightly concerning and could be associated with the kefir. You could move to goat’s milk kefir if it becomes a problem. Did you eat anything not allowed on the diet…was the food old?

    I wish I was more helpful, but as long as you don’t get other candida symptoms and just BM issues…this isn’t worth worrying about too much. If you get unusual bm’s with skin breaking out and acne (or other symptoms)…that should be a concern.



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    Thanks a lot for the reply. The diarrhea is my only symptom and all the foods I ate were fresh and on the allowed list. As a precaution, I’ve started taking some difulcan I had left over. Just don’t want to risk any backward sliding.


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    When I had Candida, my symptoms were always worse during flights and for a little while afterwards. I had real trouble with bloating and was told it was to do with the pressure changes during flights which makes sense I suppose. Just thought I’d throw my two pennies worth in!


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    I get bloating when eating too late.

    This problem used to be more severe several years ago. Since then, I achieved more self-control and more self-confidence. That has greatly reduced my stress level. A reduced stress level is great overall for reducing bloating, and it also help at reducing bloating due to eating late.

    I have no candida, by the way.

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