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    I told myself at the start if I got better I would offer any advice/tips to people on here if I had any.
    So I’m pretty sure it all started from taking antibiotics around February last year so around 20 months (have been better nearly 2 months now so 18 months in total) ago for a tooth problem, then without realising I had developed problems I took more antibiotics for a stye that wouldn’t heal and got infected. I have to say I drank some alcohol whilst taking both antibiotics…so this could have made things worse.
    I’ve been vegetarian since I was 9 and now I’m 37 and I read somewhere its possible Veggies tend to get Candida more often…something to do with the stomach acids/enzymes…which kind of makes sense to me.
    I managed to stop the constant thrush last Christmas/New Years by doing a complete food elimination thing (I never had thrush in my life until this). It took several attempts to stick to it (took about 4 months worth of attempts) but once I did it took around a month after literally just eating homemade soups for breakfast and lunch and then salads and veg for dinner with mixing a few of the very strict items on the list. I was also doing all the other antifungal things advised on the net, charcoal tablets, Holland and Barrett bills were huge! Dropped tons of weight, hardly had any protein so was extremely depressed…but at least the thrush ceased unless I would have a day where I had something not on the list.
    I had my non hormonal coil removed over Christmas as I had read about bacteria forming around foriegn objects in the body, so made sense this could happen with a coil.
    I stopped using tampons as I was told this helped someone else, I changed to a mooncup and I stopped getting thrush around my periods quickly.
    I was getting itchy every other day for about 30 mins each time throughout this year…nothing big but knew it wasn’t quite right.
    I used probiotic tablets for a few months around Christmas until around March (they are so pricey so I gradually stopped). I have been hearing lately they aren’t necessarily good for you…but I would advise doing own research on this…but guess what I’m saying is that I didn’t use them the whole time…probably about 3months out of the 18 months and I am better so does that mean anything…maybe.
    So this year since spring I was gradually getting back into my old diet, including sugary things, bread and alcohol. I was feeling unwell but guess I had given up and accepted I’d be ill and have mental health probs forever. I had the lethargy, feeling uneasy from the moment I wake up, stomach cramps, dizzy and faint, always pale stools no matter how much iron I would have, worst anxiety I’ve had, low immune system. I’ve always been extremely healthy and rarely got ill before this so I knew something was wrong.
    I think one of the things that made it worse was feeling like people didn’t understand or believe me…even my partner I could tell was getting fed up of me talking about it. I would say finding some people face to face who have gone through it helps…I tend to talk about my problems! So I would talk about it with others and then could find out who else had it and then found that they would want to give tips or just generally talk about it and relate. Little things like that help I think to ease that feeling like I was going a bit mad.
    Just before I got better I spoke to someone else who swore that fasting was what cured him…it’s like a 5 day or week fast or something…but def do the proper research for that. I had planned on doing this in Autumn but luckily have got better. It sounded quite promising this though because it heals the stomach and starves the candida…but really defo do proper research as assume can be dangerous if not done properly.
    Sooo…the final 2 months where things got better, I was doing a few things that could perhaps have made a difference, but I don’t know for definite because I read around 18 months is a common amount of time to have it, so it could have just been my body eventually naturally improving itself. But I would say there is no harm in looking into the things that I was doing the months before I got better:
    I got back from a festival and noticed I wasn’t feeling the usual horrendous afterwards.
    I really think exercise is very important. Everytime I was more active over the 18 months things like thrush improved. I was dancing straight for 3 weekends in a row at festivals just before I got better.
    I started eating way more yoghurt, instead of as much chocolate i’d have yoghurt and honey..only the organic Yeo Valley kind.
    I started chewing my food for longer. I discovered that from looking into a different ailment for my boyfriend’s digestive problem and thought perhaps this might help with candida too. It turns out its a thing with producing more saliva before and after you eat that can help too.
    Generally through the 18 months I made fish a regular part of my diet, just small fish which has less mercury in them, around twice a week. I needed more protein and let myself off after nearly 30 years of being vegetarian, i was helping noone and nothing whilst I was ill and could barely do anything when I was eating barely any protein. I also think the enzymes from the fish could be helping my gut.
    I also think I was eating too many veg/salad type things at one point and realised I had to balance it out a lot more because veg still has a lot of sugar in them…this def helped. I think eating bits here and there off the list is OK if it means you’re not eating the same thing all the time and too much veg.
    So now I finally wake up and feel normal again. Anxiety back to average! Dark stools (sorry that’s gross…but for me it’s a definite sign as I always had that before I got this!). My mood is back to normal. No cramps!!!!
    After having nearly all the usual tests and even after it showing I had enlarged white blood cells… I was finally prescribed IBS tablets by my doctor (who didn’t believe any of the candida thing…I did not like her!!). I’m really glad I didn’t take them because who knows I could have been taking them forever without actually needing them! I’m hopeful that the medical proffession will soon take Candida seriously cos at the moment it’s a joke.
    Sending love and peace to anyone suffering with this and I’d be happy to answer any questions. <3


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    I forgot to mention one of the other things i’ve done in the last couple of months is soaking my veg and salad in 2 thirds water 1 third white vinegar for 15 to 20 mins…gets rid of pesticides which can have a disruptive effects on hormones.

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