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    Hello! new to this group!

    I have been doing anti-candida die plus supplements now for 1 month +

    My standard daily diet consists of

    Breakfast: 3 organic eggs omlette cooked in butter, duck fat and coconut oil as well as two tablespoons of coconut oil

    Morning tea: either an organic chicken drumstick cooked in coconut oil, organic herbs and spices and/or boiled eggs rolled in curry powder

    Lunch: Chicken and cooked vegies in coconut oil

    Afternoon tea: Organic activated nuts or bone broth soup

    Dinner: Cooked omlette or eggs, with some kind of meat, vinegar free byron bay saukrat, cooked vegies in coconut oil, duck fat and butter and an avocado

    3L of water a day and 5 tablespoons of coconut nut oil spread across the day – 500mg of vitamin C, 8 times a day + other supplements

    Ever since switching to this diet I have had some major dramatic symptoms going on

    I go through very weird stages where I feel terrible, nervous, anxious, get weird paranoid thoughts, feel shakiness, my legs go numb, my stomach bloated, my vision goes weird and I get very sensitive to bright lights and also get memory loss, foggy head, feel dizzy and like I am in a dream world. When this happens I literally have to go home and sleep it off until I pass a bowel movement. Once I pass a bowel movement I feel fine again. After about an hour of the dizziness I get the sudden urge to go with pain, then when I get its like in between a normal bowel movement and diarrhoea. My question is…do you think this is like a die off reaction? or Is there seriously something wrong with my bowels? this all effects my moods sooo much. Because when I get into this stage of dizziness, I feel sooo depressed and anxious and feel as if I have done something seriously wrong, then after the bowel movements I feel fine again really happy, energetic and carefree… This has been going on now for a couple of months and it is really effecting my life…is any one else in the same boat? I dont know how much longer I can continue this


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    Hi… I’m fairly new at this as well, but looking at your diet it seems that you are not eating enough fiber/vegetables to help your digestive system. All that amount of fat and protein needs something else to balance it off, and the meat proteins can be hard to digest.


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    Sounds exactly like an immune sensitivity to something, could be food, could be yeast or die off toxins. Those are all igg reaction symptoms and thats the only thing that could be responsible for that quick of a remission as well. Ive experienced exactly this more times than I can count. Try a rotation diet to see if you can nail down any/what foods and up your fiber intake and add a little bentonite or charcoal to your daily routine to absorb the toxins. Try to avoid that happening as much as possible because it is really hard on the body and immune system and will reverse any healing that should be happening.


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    Read the article I just put up on mucousal immunity and th1/th2 imbalance. A person with such sensitivities typically has a th2 dominant immune system. Study the hell out of it. Other things can cause it, but thats the best place to start. Also look into boosting t suppressor cells. And do whatever you can to give your immune system a break. And look up leaky gut if you tie your reactions to any foods. Immune system therapy should be your main focus though.

    Keep us updated.


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    What is your digestion like? How many BM’s per day are you getting?

    We don’t know what is going on but if you don’t digest your food properly, then it will build up in the body and ferment. When the food ferments in the gut, this releases tons of toxins that essentially make you feel bad. These toxins can affect the body in a variety of ways and it changes person to person.

    I think you simply need to poop more often and if its not 2-4 times per day then you will continue to have problems. What happens to a toilet if you don’t flush it for a week? That is what is going on inside your body if I am right about your digestion…



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    See if quercetin helps the next time you have a reaction. Just use it sparingly so you dont react to it.

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