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    Hey, I wanted to check in because I’ve been having returning die off symptoms for the past 5 days because I made a mistake and fed my candida. I was past the die off stage and moving further into treatment but I got cocky and ate some guacamole at work because we ran out of avacado, and it had citric acid and sugar in it (which I found out days later). Later in the day I had some sunflower kernels, which I guess my body was not ready for. When I fed it I was at the point where I was really starting to feel better, taking all the supplements, coconut oil 1 1/2 tablespoons day and night, and flax seed oil mid day. I moved on to week 2 foods (stevia, cream of buckwheat, nettle leaf tea)I was also having a serving of kefir once a day (green valley) and half a serving of oikos plain greek yogurt, usually before bed. I was about to get on a decent commercial probiotic, but I’m waiting now to see what kind of feedback I get from this post. Should I cut back on anything? (yogurt/kefir, antifungals, 2 week foods). My main concern is that it says to introduce kefir/yogurt/2 week foods after being on the diet for a while, and with feeding the candida again, I’m wondering if it’s a bad thing to be on the same treatment I was on before feeding it. Also, I don’t know how long I should wait til I get on a commercial probiotic. I would say my die off symptoms are at a 5 out of 10 right now. The protocol looks simple, but when mistakes are made, it’s tough to know exactly what to do :/ Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

    PS: on a side note, does anybody know of a good canned soup I can eat on the diet?


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    The point of the diet and antifungals is to kill as much of the candida as possible. When you cheat or make a mistake, the candida feasts which strengthens them. Considering how short a time you’ve been on the diet, I would stay in stage 1 (not the cleanse, just without yogurt, kefir, products that contain sugar, buckwheat, etc.). Stay in stage 1 until your die off symptoms have decreased significantly. This means that the candida in your body have been weakened, many have died, and you have flushed many of the resulting toxins out.
    Then move to stage 2 which still wants to keep candida albicans down, but seeks to restore gut flora (the ultimate goal) to normal levels.

    PS: on a side note, does anybody know of a good canned soup I can eat on the diet?

    Probably wont be able to find a good canned soup. One of the main challenges of the diet is almost everything you eat must be prepared by you (so you know what is in it), and most have to be prepared directly before eating. It can be a bit of a challenge, but as you go you’ll learn to plan ahead and have fun with it.

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