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    I’ve been on a candida diet for about 5 months now and for the past 3 months I’ve been on the Forum’s strict diet. Slowly I started feeling better, but over the past week my old fatigue has crept back. I thought it might be the Oat Bran so I stopped using that. Now I’m wondering if it’s the water kefir. It’s VERY disheartening.

    Any ideas, suggestions, advice or just support would be great. I’m ready to give up and go eat a big bowl of pasta!



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    hello Flipper,

    I wanted to share that throughout my treatment I had good and bad weeks, days, and months and its hard to say what causes the ups and downs. There are a few factors to consider, but the fatigue to me personally meant that my body was healing or expending a bunch of energy for me to get better…thats the way I look at it.

    Here are some factors to examine or things that may influence bad days:
    -vitamin levels (abcdek, trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc)
    -quality of sleep
    -quality of food or digestion
    -cheat foods (tea, coffee, sugar, etc on hard/tough days)…I found that drinking one coffee can make you rather tired for the whole week.
    -too much ejaculation (finding balance is key for long term energy, problem for men)
    -Amount of food (are you eating 3 meals a day, with 3-4 courses and feel very full?)
    -One organ being a bit too taxed for a period of time (kidneys, pancreas, bladder, adrenals, thyroid, heart, lungs, etc.). Sometimes my spleen would get slightly taxed or lungs and after acupuncture it’d be good to go for a very long time.

    I highly recommend acupuncture if you haven’t tried it out before…



    Topics: 33
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    Thanks raster,
    That is a very positive way to look at the tired days.
    I was/am mostly concerned that somehow I’m back to the same fatigue that started me on this road. (Since I hadn’t experienced that feeling for most of the 5 months) And that my Candida is back in bloom. But perhaps it’s one of the things you mentioned.
    I’d love to do acupuncture but my art business is just about bust, so I’m scraping by.Maybe some of it is just stress…..

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