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    I have typed up everything that I have experienced and done in the past year or so, as well as the doctors I have seen and tests they have run. Call me hopeful…but I want an answer. My family has gone in with some weird symptoms and he was able to help them. I guess time will tell though…

    I haven’t taken any pain medication since September when I first started the diet. The last change I made was eating the rutabaga.


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    So this is what the doctor thinks could be my current issue with my throat that appeared this week.

    Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (Silent Reflux)

    With laryngopharyngeal reflux, adults may have heartburn or a bitter taste or burning sensation in the back of the throat. But they are less likely to have such classic signs of GERD. More often, symptoms in adults are vague and may be easily confused with other problems. The most common symptoms include:

    Excessive throat clearing
    Persistent cough
    A “lump” in the throat that doesn’t go away with repeated swallowing
    Other symptoms include:

    A sensation of postnasal drip or excess throat mucus
    Trouble swallowing
    Trouble breathing
    Sore throat

    Silent reflux treatment for adults may include these home care steps:

    Lose weight, if needed.
    Quit smoking, if you are a smoker.
    Avoid alcohol.
    Restrict chocolate, mints, fats, citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, spicy or tomato-based products, red wine, and caffeine.
    Stop eating at least three hours before going to bed.
    Elevate the head of the bed about 4 to 6 inches.
    Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes around the waist.
    Try chewing gum to increase saliva and neutralize acid.

    Waiting on the results of tests to come back. Until then, thought I would give some of these a try to see if get some relief. But…most of these I can not do (such as lose weight) or am already doing (such as avoiding alcohol, chocolate, carbonated beverages).

    I am going to try reducing fat intake slightly. I get lots of fat with the coconut oil and yogurt made with whole milk. Don’t want to reduce too much because maintaining weight has been an issue in thepast. Also going to reduce some on the acidic stuff such as lemon water.

    If anyone out there has had something similar, I would love to hear what you think/suggest.




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    You never posted an update to this post. I have the same problem with my throat. It gets so bad that I have a problem swallowing a large pill. Been to the doctor back in US, he did an ultrasound and said that a spasm due to some heavy cough I had (had a nasty cold before this appeared). Somehow it disappeared by itself for years. It came back about a month ago (little bit before I started the diet). I just ignore it for now and at times it gets much better. Since I had my thyroid checked and had an ultrasound of everything done (doctors could not diagnose the cause of my symptoms) I figured it’s definitely not a cancer or tumor since they would see it there.

    I think I noticed that it sometimes gets worse or appears after drinking lemon water, so maybe it is what your doctor described. I am supposed to go to gastroenterologist but I got so fed up with doctors in 4 months that I was sick without diagnosis that I cannot make myself go.

    Please post an update and let us know if any of the things you mentioned helped at all.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi there,
    I also experienced a very tight throat around the time that I started to realise I had candida – it felt like a big mucous ball was in my throat or that my throat was closing over and that it was very tight- it used to happen after I had garlic – just normal levels for cooking with. I had dinner out one night and had garlic and rosemary chicken and an hour later my throat became soooo tight – it felt lie it was closing over and I was terrified that I was having a serious allergic reaction, however I persevered with it and it subsided. Three months later after cutting out garlic – I am now able to tolerate normal amounts that I cook with, but I dont over-do it just yet. I would suggest that it is inflamation from either a healing reaction or an allergic reaction, however upon my research I also found that major anxiety can cause a lump type tight throat and I experienced this too. Hope this helps.


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    Thank you bighopes for your response. Did you ever get tested for allergies? I am not able to track down a single food item that would give me an allergic reaction. I often get up in the morning with the lump, it stays there for days, then some days it seems a little less. I have trouble swallowing a pill, I feel it going down my throat. I wonder if I should go to gastroenterologist or get checked for allergies.

    Anyone else experience this?

    I also found on one website that a lump in throat could be a candida symptom so I’m just confused. It gets scary at times as you wonder if the throat will close up completely, but it never does. I figured it would by now if it wanted to. It’s just major annoyance now.


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    orka1998 wrote:

    Anyone else experience this?

    hey orka, I have this chronic throat clearing thing that gets way worse after I eat anything (and especially after I used to eat dairy or wheat!) that would go on for about 45 minutes sometimes making me hoarse (and I’m sure annoying whoever was around me).

    I never really thought of it as throat closing up feeling, but in fact I guess that’s what it is (it gets to a point where I feel I can’t stand it and have to clear my throat of seemingly non-existent mucous.. sort of like I can’t breathe. I never cough anything up.. if anything it seems to just move a bit, providing a few seconds of relief, and then slides back into place. Is this like what you are experiencing?

    Interestingly, if I’m out in public it’s not quite as bad.. I think the embarrassment at having to do it makes me stop as long as possible which seems to end the spell earlier. Have you experienced this?

    I have been alcohol, coffee, and wheat free since Thursday and starting the full cleanse today (without the psyllium or clay.. just going to do the hot water/lemon route) and hoping this is one of my symptoms that will go away! I spoke to a girl at a party last night who said she had chronic vaginal yeast infections and tried a version of the candida diet and has been symptom free ever since (4 years ago) so I’m hopeful that the full version from this forum will help even more 🙂



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    Sorry to those that were interested in an update. It appears that my throat pain was due to a thyroid problem. I was also experiencing many of the other symptoms common to having hypothyroidism.

    For those of you that notice it gets worse with acid/oily/fatty foods, then it is likely the acid reflux that I posted. Many of the items on the diet are higher in fat (such as coconut oil, eggs, olive oil, avacado). These may be why some of you are experiencing the same symptom. Try reducing fat/acid intake for a few days and see if it helps. In my case…it didn’t help consistantly.

    I hope you are all able to get some relief. That neck discomfort is no fun!


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    Thomas wrote:

    Interesting update! 🙂

    Several weeks ago I starting introducing carbs into my diet (WOO HOO!) and experienced a red rash (similar to rash had on my leg for years but more spread out and darker). I wasn’t sure if it was a reaction to trying new foods or die-off. I know I had a rash like this several months ago when I was on a prescription antifungal. I remember because I would take pictures of it and send it to my family asking if they had ever seen something like it before. During that week…I had done a “no no” and tried cream of buckwheat and kefir to close together. That left me unsure as to what was causing the rash and whether it was good or bad.

    Since then, I have given myself a few weeks and then started introducing foods again. I started with the cream of buckwheat again. Did fine. I’ve been making my own yogurt (with more probiotics). Did fine.

    Was at the grocery store the other day and came across a rutabaga. I’ll be honest…didn’t know what it was until I came to this forum. The diet has opened up so many more food options (options because I NEVER would have tried them if it weren’t for this diet). I got very excited because I remember reading it was a strong antifungal and some said how much they liked them. The simple pleasures right???

    Came home, steamed one rutabaga and tried a few bits. Only did a few bits because it was such a new food and wanted to be careful. Also checked, and saw that they are higher in sugar so I wanted to be careful in that aspect.

    I noticed my stomach was a little more vocal than has been in the past couple days. Then last night, after I took a shower, I realized that my funky rash on my leg (the one that is more spread out) was bright red again. I freaked out and wonder what I had done wrong. I narrowed it down to the rutabaga. That is the only thing I have changed in over a week.

    So, with this development, I think it is safer to assume that the reaction I experienced a few week ago was likely die off due to the kefir (introducing more probiotics). Especially since I had the same rash when I was on the prescription antifungal over the summer. What do you think?

    I am going to wait a few days and eat some more rutabaga. The symptoms are so similar to when I was on the prescription antifungal…it kinda make me smile…even though I feel like crap today due to the die off…lol!

    Please let me know if you think I’m on the right track! Thanks!!


    Hi Kirsty,
    very interesting! Very very in fact! You see I was always confused here in the forum about the same thing and that is the dance between what is die-off and what is feeding the candida and what is candia toxins from a standing infestation and what are allergic reactions we have developed through the candida but in itself are not high in sugar. Stuff which should be on the yes food allowed list and still making trouble.

    Now to your red spots. I had these red spots, exactly like you for years on my legs on the shin. First on the left for some years. When they where red they where itchy and dry, I used cortisone on then it. Actually it was one big round one on the shin. The cortisone only took the itching away for one hour. For now reason, suddenly the red spot was pink then white and then disappeared. The skin healed perfectly but there where lots of very fine dark blue/violet blood-vessels under the skin. Then after a while the show started again on the other right leg. One year or two, then the change like on the other leg. Same story only that the spot moved on to a food now. Suddenly they where gong.

    When I went to the doctor and he looked at my anus itching problem he stated that the skin looked like it was burned and within the end- intestines where he looked he said that it looked of but there where lots and lots of these very fine lined blood-vessels like I got from the red spots on the shin.

    About your problem with the air production in your guts. Yes, I too read about it but I would not be concerned because you are on the diet and I believe the battle between probiotics and candida can well produce some air. That are my 2 cents. It looks to me that you experience with the rutabaga exactly what messed me up here in the forum being confused. You eat something from the list and you have a reaction. Shall you continue eating it now because it kills candida, should you stop wit hit now because it make you feel bad, maybe you are allergic to it? Or what should you do. I am at the same spot now after two month. I never experienced a clear cut pattern of 4 weeks die-offs, then the cooling down and healing to a state where there are no symptoms etc.

    As I said I would not be concerned about the air as long as you stay on the diet. But I would take it easy with the antifungals as with the swede for a while and see to bring it slowly back. That is what I am doing right now.

    all the best to you sister and I wish you with all my heart a quick healing.
    Dont forget us when you reach the other side! 😉

    As probably you already know, I am a long time CRC sufferer. My intestinal overgrowth can be the topic of any book about this syndrome. So severe, that I still pass a lot of threads in stool after 3 years of battling.
    What I want to say, it is almost impossible to know what is causing a reaction or not, the fungus dying, the fungus feeding, food intolerance, allergic reaction, etc.
    The thing is to hit hard the monster, every single day until it must goes.
    Until it be there, there will be die-off, food intolerance, gases, allergies, and every single thing we know.
    Don’t give it any chance, and one day you will wake up being a totally different person.


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    I never really thought of it as throat closing up feeling, but in fact I guess that’s what it is (it gets to a point where I feel I can’t stand it and have to clear my throat of seemingly non-existent mucous.. sort of like I can’t breathe. I never cough anything up.. if anything it seems to just move a bit, providing a few seconds of relief, and then slides back into place. Is this like what you are experiencing?

    wishnhope: I do kind of cough up some secretion from my throat, sometimes, so it’s not really a dry cough. The lump feels more like a tight throat, I can feel the pill go down when I swallow it, and sometimes it feels as the throat is just tight for food. I did notice that if I manage to refrain from coughing, it’s better and it lasts shorter. Since I’m on a diet the cough subsided. I still cough a little sometimes, rare though, in the morning mostly, but not after almost any meal like it was getting before the diet. The lump was getting pretty bad before the diet, now it gets better sometimes, but it’s there mostly. Sometimes is worse, sometimes it’s better.

    I had my thyroid checked (bloodwork and ultrasound) so it is probably not that. One doctor explained it as a spasm from a bad cough I had, but I don’t think it would be changing if it was spasm. Spasm is either there or not.

    We will have to wait and see if it goes away. I’m kind of sick and tired of doctors so I need a break from them 🙂

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