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    Hi !

    Here’s my daily diet :

    3 cups of soup made of Jerusalem artichokes, celery root,
    broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus — 1 cup 3x a day
    1 pound of my coconut bread (recipe is 5 organic eggs, baking
    soda, 2 Tbsp shredded coconut meat, 1 cup coconut flour, cinammon
    and cardamum) — 5 portions of it throughout the day to sustain
    a bit of energy

    Supplements :
    Probiotics (with DDS-1) 20 bil per day
    Kefir water 1 cup per day
    Glutamine powder
    Digestive enzymes
    Molybdenum caps
    Nettle tea
    C vitamin powder
    D3 vitamin


    I switch veggies for the soup and eat small portions of organic
    chicken from time to time. Im obviously still in phase 1 of the
    The problem with this diet is that I get massive bloating from
    the eggs contained in the bread. It’s still an improvement from
    before cos i removed millet and quinoa altogether as a source of
    carbs and I do feel better except for that big bloated belly of
    mine lol. I want to increase my intake of probiotics but am more
    bloated when I do. My body doesn’t react well to buckwheat, rice
    flour nor oat bran, so i have little choice over the kind of
    flour to use for the bread, hence the necessity to use many eggs
    to work with coconut flour.

    Should I just carry on like that and hope for the gas to
    dissipate over time ? I need at least one bread to have some energy at work. Thanks for your insights.


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    I personally think you are consuming too much bread and would reduce to 1-2 slices per day. I would try to find other things to eat instead. The bloating could be or could not related to you are allergic to eggs also, its a very common allergen.

    I would try to work in other sources of food such as smoothies, salads, more protein, etc.



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    Have you tried eggs alone to make sure it is the eggs?

    From what you’ve described, you also might want to educate yourself on sibo (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). At least to rule it out. Also, sibo is often mistaken as candida, and the two infections often run together.


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    Thanks for both answers.
    Raster> what you say makes sense, it is probably a reaction to eggs since none of the other ingredients seems to be causing trouble. Lowering the intake will undoubtedly help. I’m intrigued by your suggestion to add smoothies to the diet, do you have an example of a kind that can be drunk on a strict candida diet ?

    Impossible> I haven’t been tested for SIBO but it’s a possibility, having been on PPI for more than 3 years. H. Pylori could be messing with the whole digestive process as well so I thought adding mastic gum and black walnut to my supplement list couldn’t be such a bad idea.

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