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    I have an egg allergy and am struggling with finding a substitute for the recipes in the eBook and guide. I typically would have used tofu in place of eggs in a frittata, scrambles and even baked goods, but I don’t think this is a “yes” food.

    Any suggestions?


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    I think the objection to soy-based foods is that most of them are GMO. If you can find some non-GMO tofu from a reputable source, I guess it would be OK?

    As for an egg substitute, have you tried flax seed? Take 1 tablespoon of flax seed and grind it up into flax seed meal. Then add 2-3 tablespoons of water. The mixture that you’re left with, after you leave it for a few minutes, should have a thick, gel-like consistency that’s quite similar to an egg.

    Apparently you can do this with chia seeds too, but I’ve never tried it!


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    soy is definitely on the no no list. I’ve read that it messes with your hormones and aggravates the candida.

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