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    Morning all I’m new here but here goes an easy breakfast I make.

    Four heaped table spoons of flaked Quinoa
    Almond milk to cover 4 to 3 ratio

    Microwave on full power for three minutes

    Two table spoons of ground almonds
    A bit of sweetener (I use Xylitol)

    It’s pretty decent, it seems the almonds give it a bit more body and fill you up pretty good and it seems to keep me going until lunchtime (Although I’m only a few days in and still dream of doughnuts etc…)


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    I always try to incorporate veg & plant foods in my breakfast with eggs.

    ATM I always have broccoli and celery when I rise, with scrambled eggs (garlic and rosemary) and toasted pumpkin seeds (olive oil and cinnamon). I also have a mug of peppermint tea.

    Not everyone is the same, I have leaky bowel aswell (regular Ibuprofen-use whilst candida was not known about) so anything like quinoa or almond milk sets it off.

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