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    Hi all,

    I have my first wedding to attend on the diet. I’ve managed parties bc I’ve told friends/fam what I can eat. Any recommendations for a wedding? I was thinking of going w fish, if they have it, since I doubt they’ll have oeganic chicken. Thoughts? I also plan to sit on some selxer and lemon all night…at least it looks like a cocktail!


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    oooh! the dreaded wedding! i had one during the first two weeks..EEEK! i did not plan accordingly:( i had some raw almonds in the pockets of my dress, and drank a ton of lemon water..they did not have mineral water. i ended up having to ask the caterer for just mixed field greens and lemon, and had to field a lot of questions about my dinner choice..so annoying, all around. my recommendation? bring a healthy meal along with you, and ask the caterer to plate it for you. make sure you have a food option, as i had just assumed there would be one provided. wuuur wuhhh. i now have SOME option on me at all times. good luck!


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    Fish is a good start. If they have salad I would stick with it or you can eat before you good if you are really worried about this.

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