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    OK, so I’m a 5’8 Ft. 17 year old and I used to wight 200lbs-210lbs. I started working out and dieting about 2 months ago and now I’m about 183 lbs., but still have a few amount of fat left on my belly. I want to loose more fat in my belly so I can try to be slim but my mom tells me that more dieting will make me a skinny person. She also tells me to just workout and forget dieting so I can let me belly fat burn over time. However, I still want to loose a little more belly fat but she scolds me about becoming a skinny person (she has no problem with skinny people, she only doesn’t like to watch them because they are just basically skin and bone to her). She tells me to just not drink soda, not eat chips and candy, and to eat regularly like the rest of the family. I can understand the part about not eating chips, soda, etc. but she gives the family big portions and sometimes we eat tacos, carretillas, tostadas, and other mexican food (Mexican family). So if I want to loose a little more belly fat should I listen to her or diet a little longer?

    Also, what foods that burn belly fat and what can I do to speed up my metabolism because I feel that I might be starting to eat unhealthfully because of what she told me, and because I can’t keep my diet anymore.

    Also, what are great tips to let go of the chips, cola, and other junk food. Especially since my little siblings eat a lot of it infront of my face.


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    Hi mate,

    Live healthy and work out and you will just do fine. Your weight is no problem and if you go swimming you train all your muscles in a great way. Chips, Coke and Fast food are empty calories they don’t give your body strength and kill your health.

    My family had a fastfood restaurant and I grew up on that stuff and earned through that later in life much trouble. Dont eat rubbish food, but eat well you are still growing and your body and especial the development of your brain needs fat. What you dont need it sugar. Sugar is hidden everywhere so instead of having a coke rather press your own juice, drink kefir, milk or plain water. Eat vegetables, fish and meat, good butter but no margarine. If you want to eat sweets, eat rather a dark bitter chocolate then that cheap sweet stuff in the supermarket which is only sugar, fat and little milk. All the sweets and chips have a lot of artificial rubbish and colouring in them which kill your health.

    You are young and have your life ahead of you, don’t stress yourself about a diet, everything falls in the right place when you eat healthy and work out. See your body as your friend and ask yourself what is good for my buddy now. A wrong diet in your age can be harmful.

    all the best from a old guy from Sweden!


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    Wow Thomas, I think you hit it right on the head. If you want to work on your stomach do sit ups or something to work the abs. I hate to say it but sometimes mom’s are wrong. I’m 33 years old and I can tell that my mother thinks this diet is silly although she won’t come out and admit it. You are still young and if you start eating healthy now you will thank yourself later down the road.


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    If you eat the candida diet; you will lose weight! Is that the answer you were looking for?

    If you stopped sugars, grains, and dairy alone…this would cause you to lose a ton of weight! There is so much energy in these foods…it gets stored in the body if you eat a bunch of it.



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    You have to burn calories to burn belly fat effectively and this includes eating a healthy while exercising at the same time. Foods that boost your metabolism such as whole grains, fish and other foods high in protein are essential in your diet and speeds up the process. Cardiovascular activity helps you lose weight overall including belly fat so don’t focus on ab workouts at first.

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