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    Have any of you found out specifically what STRAIN you are infected with? I am curious to know because I want to find out what kind of yeast I have… I do not think I have a common yeast. The doctor cultured some of the white junk on me and it came back normal. Basically they said I don’t have yeast… even though I respond well to diflucan and lotramin is the only thing that keeps the thrush on my skin under control. *rolls eyes*

    Also, different strains respond to different treatment and different symptoms, so it would be helpful there too. Interestingly, not all infectious yeast is even candida….

    And one last thing, I am going to be doing my own culture. Like I bought petri dishes and an inculating loop online and I’m gonna swab me up and grow that crap myself. So I’ll post on how that goes. I’m not sure if I will get a microscope and all that, have to read up first to see how to ID different strains under a microscope and make sure it is even feasible. I have a bachelors in bio (with good microbio lab experience growing and classifying bacteria in the lab) and I was a vet tech (we diagnosed yeast under a microscope all the time… but not to the strain level), so I can do the basics.


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    I’m very interested in what you find out, give it a go for sure! Do you have any sort of thrush? Try scraping some of that perhaps.


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    I got tested from Genova labs and it said that the Genus of my fungus was UNKNOWN. That scared me a bit, but I am responding to the Candida Diet, so I assume all fungus thrives in similar conditions.


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    Is there a specific test that can tell us what kind of strain we’re dealing with? That’s something I’ve been wondering for quite some time. Would a Candida Immune Complexes blood/stool test or Antibodies test be able to answer that question?


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    Yes go for the testing if possible. Check out the tests dvjorge recommends, he had a recent post about it.

    I think you should also look into mold and get environmental testing. Also consider checking out radon in your place. Your place could be making you ill. You also could have vitamin D deficiency or something and thats why you felt great while somewhere more tropical.


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