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    What are the differences between die-off symptoms and eating test foods? Well, specifically your own symptoms? I seem to get headaches in both cases, so it’s hard to tell.


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    Headaches, ringing ears, IBS, a “burning feeling” (allergic reaction), congestion, hyperventilation, tremors, heart palpitations…these were my symptoms I had for a long time after eating “bad foods”.

    During the die-off, these symptoms slowly reduced or completely went away…and I haven’t had most of these for a few months now. If I do eat something bad, I will still get the ringing ears and sometimes headaches; very rarily do I get the burning feeling, tremors, etc. A few weeks ago I cheated very badly for about 6 days when I went to hollywood. The ringing ears and headaches returned, but for the most part my body could handle the baddies I ate. Sorta cool, but I know I’m not there yet.

    My main symptoms during the die-off was malaise, fatigue, emotional changes, sluggishness, sexual disfunction, as well as the symptoms I mentioned in the first paragraph including IBS. I mostly just felt “ill” for a few weeks/months.

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