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    Hi guys,

    Just curious if anyone has similar reactions to some of these foods sorry if it’s TMI.

    -Dairy: All dairy even butter, yogurt, or kefir and non dairy
    derivatives like Ghee (I get cravings, coated tongue, rocking vertigo, and gassy)

    -Nut & Nut butters: All of them even almonds. I get rocking vertigo, cravings, and bubbling stools & a rotten egg odor coming off me

    -breads/starches (sweet potato & pumpkin)/ Fiber/ coconut flour(ie fiber) : Bubbling stools & constant gas

    -All oils except for coconut oil (If I eat too much): Rocking vertigo, brain fog, and itchy scalp. I had Extra Virgin Olive Oil today and I feel dizzy and brain fogish.

    -limes/ lemons- make me slightly dizzy at times

    -tomatoes- Make me slightly dizzy at times (Yes I already know the citric acid)

    -Red Meat- I recently figured this one out. I cut it out and it made a heck of a big difference. Red meat kept giving me this strong, strong, ammonia smell in my nostrils and I kept getting bad burning and stinging in my stomach. I thought it was something else I was taking, but I stopped the red meat and that problem went away.

    -Millet- I think I crave it I’ve been trying puffed millet cereal (no sugar no additives just puffed millet) and yeah it makes me feel hungry and I get a little vertigo.

    -Coconut cream- Gassy

    -All fruit bloats me & gives me sore throats

    -Green onions & lima beans (cramps)

    -Corn chips/ torillas/ popcorn- coated tongue

    -And of course sugar- sugar makes me crave it, get vertigo, get a really itchy scalp, hung over tired, muscle weakness, or get gassy.
    I used to get this musty rotten egg odor from sugar (same one I get from nuts or a cigarette musty smell coming off me. That isn’t as bad now cause I’ve been dieting.

    -Stevia (I’ve been using now brand) It’s fine as long as I don’t use much. I get headaches and cramps from too much. I’d rather not use stevia because it’s not healthy in my opinion.

    I get a different odor now. It’s like the smell of everything I eat I breath out or it comes out a few hours after I eat it. I don’t have TMAU I got tested. Lol, this is so lame. I know some people on here can eat some foods that I’ve listed with no problems. My issue is that even if I wanted to eat some supposed safe foods (olive oil, butter, dairy yogurt, etc.) I react. Sometimes I break out with mild itchy red rashes when I eat any of these foods. Another weird thing that happens is I get an involuntairy twitch in my stomach muscles or twitching of facial muscles along with bad scalp itching.

    As for carbs– I tend to loose a lot of weight and get shedding hair when I don’t eat enough carbs I eat yukon potatoes & Quinoa cause I don’t react to them.

    My diet has to be:

    -coconut oil
    -white meats
    -unsweetened almond or coconut milk
    -herbal teas, water, & spices
    -small amounts of quinoa or yukon gold potatoes

    It’s so boring!

    *Sorry for bad grammer I don’t feel like editing


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    raster;60963 wrote: For the gas, I would check out deficiencies in stomach acid:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx


    Thanks and I’ve tried betaine HCl it seems like it def. helps me digest my food better. It works well for me similar to the peppermint oil pills. As long as I stay away from red meat it doesn’t cause the burning sensation in my stomach.


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    hi friends
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