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    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum. I have been suffering with candida for quite some time and have tried so many different things to try and relieve this problem, to no luck.

    I am a type I diabetic, and for those who do not know I’ve had it since I was 3, and it will not go away with diet. I am insulin dependent, and will more than likely always be, unless there is some sort of cure.

    All right, I am eager to rid this horrible thing from my body. I do however have some problems. Due to being type I diabetic, I have to take insulin in order not to die. So if I am taking insulin, I have to eat. Here is where it gets tricky. When my glucose goes low, and mind you it has been as low as 19 while about 90 is considered on the low side of normal. If my sugar is that low I have to have sugar in order not to faint or collapse. While taking insulin the thing that regulates the insulin and glucose levels are carbohydrates. If I am not having carbohydrates chances are my sugar is going to drop at some point.

    I can’t go on a fast, and I have to have carbs. I can try my best to illuminate sugar but if my glucose drops and I can figure out that it is low the only thing I can do to resolve this is to have simple sugars otherwise I will have to have glucose sent through my veins in the ER.

    How am I supposed to survive on a candida diet?

    Any help or response would be greatly appreciated. : ) Thank You Much!!!


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    woo.. nice tips dear. Thanks for the share.

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