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    Since starting kefir and ACV a week ago, i have started with indigestion, gas, fatigue, nausea, and then a few days after I started getting chest tightness and pain. I feel like i can’t breathe well. I also have a thick nasal drip. It got so bad that i took a benadryl and sudafed which help for the time being but once it wears off, i’m sick again. My chest feels so congested that i think i’m going to need
    To cave in and take an expectorant to cough this thick gunk out before it gets infected. I’m finally going to go buy myself some molybdenum and start taking it to detox. I’ve been afraid to take a high dose of it, but it’s worth a shot at this point and i think it’s necessary. How much of it can a 95 lb. female , 18, take of molybdenum? And how quickly would i see a difference? By the way, i stopped the kefir and ACV 4 days ago now. Thanks 🙂

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