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    I have not experienced any die-off in months. I have been on the diet since late June currently taking Diflucan (150mg) a day (3rd round since August). Eat a lot of garlic (raw) and coconut oil. Probiotics (3rd month) at 100 billion a day (renew life) Question is what does it mean when I don’t get much or any die-off? I slipped up at thanksgiving and experienced some hotflshes and mild dizziness for a day or two but I am back to normal. Does this mean yeast is under control? what is happening? I hope this does not sound too dumb. Duh. This question is for you experts. Also I want to take a different probiotic such as HMF Neuro, what dose should I take to start. Keep in mind I have an autoimmune disorder and was thinking that 100billion of
    what I am on my be too much at this point. I am not sure. What I am on doesn’t seem to be
    working as well anymore (have “poop pellets”)like someone else mentioned. Any help would be great.


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    When you are over die-off, it means you are over the hard part of your recovery. For me this took about 2-8 weeks. I would add another antifungal in such as SF722.

    The next phase of what you should do is heal and recover from the dead candida. You can do this by detoxing or supporting key aspects of your immune system.

    HMF neuro only contains 12 billion per capsule but you can get the powder and thus can take a larger dose. I think its pretty effective despite the low counts and strains.

    I would continue to improve your digestion to 3 bm’s a day and start healing leaky gut if you have it.



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    what do you suggest for detoxing? And supporting my immune system? your advice is appreciated,
    thanks Raster. I have very little leaky gut (it is there mildly some days and some days I have none) Is this normal?


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    Tsunny: L-Glutamine helps heal leaky gut. It’s pretty cheap too. Buy it in powder form and take 1/4 tsp in water on an empty stomach twice a day.

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