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    Hey guys,

    I have been on a very strict candida diet for 28 days now

    Does anyone else get depression before a bowel movement, that is relieved by passing a stool?

    I am sooo happy most of the time except every couple of days when I get horrible anxiety and depression and dizziness that is only relieved by passing a bowel movement

    Could this be die off? does anyone else get this?

    It is this horrible feeling of being uncomfortable with life and in your own skin and I get very very depressed


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    It’s most likely to have something to do you the current semi-digested food in your gut feeds yeast. When you pass that on going to the toilet, the medium that c.albicans/other fungi you are having problems with is no longer there. This means the yeast has not as much to feed on just after you’ve been to the toilet. But then the new food arrives, and the same thing will take place.

    I had this a lot back in the days.

    I’m currently chelating mercury, and not on a strict diet, feeling pretty good most of the time. The forums strict diet made me very sick, mostly with adrenal fatigue and less beneficial gut flora.


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    What are the details? Does it just suddenly come on? When did it start occuring? What things changed that could have influenced it when it began? Does it follow any pattern of consumption? Its obviously your body freakin out about something in your gut. Like I said, its a non-IgE immune reaction, you just have to narrow down what is triggering it. Could be food, could be yeast, could be yeast toxins, could be bacteria. If it happens every couple of days regardless of what you eat, its probably related to your flora. If it happens only when your using antifungals, then it could be toxins, etc, etc


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    I believe the die-off toxins have caused me to suddenly become very depressed, even suicidal, but only (thankfully) for a few hours. Like klips32, it was when I was on the strict diet and killing the candida. Interestingly I just got an inversion table and the first time I used it I had the same terrible depression hit. I still think it’s toxins causing it and going upside down moved some toxins out of my lymph nodes.


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    Hello Chloe,

    I am wondering what your digestion is like and how often you have bm’s? If you poop once a day this could explain for everything. Are you dehydrated?


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