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    I won’t go on about my past just to say I am not new to candida, I tried to tackle it years ago and was on a very restrictive diet for 3 years (really) but I never got round to taking antifungals. Eventually I started eating normally again including sugars etc

    Long story short I have not had oral or vaginal thrush for years. Nothing “external” to indicate candida but my immune system is weak. No digestion issues other than constipation but I have had that for as long as I can remember and its a family trait too.

    For years now I have been living mostly housebound as I am always sick with what feels like a virus/cold/flu/sinusitis . I would estimate I am sick 70% of the time but this last 12 months even more so. I have no social life can’t plan a holiday for fear of being sick.

    I have tried to tackle this before and actually did Okay – stopped all sugars started on 1 probiotic every other day, increased to one a day, ended up in bed with flu type symptoms, continued with dosage, I got better, felt stronger, increased to 2 tablets a day and life was good! But I never completed the treatment, stopped taking the probiotics and ended up eating sugars again and here I am again.

    I recently decided I must still have systemic candida and these bouts of “viruses” were actually candida flare ups.

    Stopped consuming all refined sugars 3 months ago. Didn’t stop wheat or milk etc just the sugars. Felt much better just for doing that – no die off at week 6 – no constipation either so felt I was on the right track.

    6 weeks into stopping sugars started taking 1 Syntol AMD capsule (probiotic) and 1 Floraphage (Phage) capsule (probiotic booster) every other day for 2 weeks. Felt some die off after a week or so, it waxed and waned but I was still able to sit at my PC and work (Self employed)
    Decided to up the dose to 1 x each capsule every day.
    After 2 further weeks ended up horrid mental issues (As well as the usual physical flu like symptoms)

    Dreamlike states, periods of time when everything “looks” weird like I am on a mild acid trip, periods of anxiety and depression when I cannot focus on the TV I feel disconnected. Drowsy, drugged up like, tired, disconnected, memory recall, vivid dreams, sleeping 11 hours or more. These all wax and wane but it’s terrifying as I worry these will be permanent. I know it’s illogical to think that the physical symptoms are all caused by the same thing, toxins.
    The “physical” I can live with and was prepared for but not the mental psychological side effects.

    The last time I looked into treating this condition “die off” was encouraged and celebrated! I see things have changed and it’s something to avoid. Sadly, I did not know this until last week. I wanted to battle through it and be healthy ASAP after all of these years.

    I think where I have gone wrong is by taking the floraphage as according to their clinical studies: “Floraphage increases Syntol AMD (Probiotic) by an overall 5017% increase”

    I stopped both the probiotics and Floraphage 6 days ago when I became too drowsy and drugged up and felt like I was on LSD a little. Since then I have been ill with aching leg, back, banging headache, weak, drowsy, tired, sleeping a lot, a rash appeared on my leg (never had that before) pain around my liver for 3 days (now gone)

    Yesterday I felt 90% better then late at night “boom” anxiety and spaced out feeling again. Slept like the dead for 11 hours straight…today I am “ok” but I know this hasn’t finished with me yet.

    I am scared. Scared I have caused permanent damage to my brain….

    Derealisation is NOT something I am used to and it’s horrid as is anxiety and depression and whilst all of these symptoms come and go lasting from a few minutes to an hour and then I feel mentally well again, they do truly worry me.

    Guess I am looking for reassurances this will pass (?)

    Liz - UK


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    I can relate to your being housebound and having no social life. The situational-depression that brings is brutal. I’ve stood on the edge of rooftops, trying not to jump.

    I wouldn’t take pro-biotics if I were you. I think they make my candida worse, and not in a die-off kind of way, either.

    Not to pry, but I wonder what you’ve been eating and drinking, besides low-starch vegetables (and none of those seeded-veggies that are really fruits), fish & chicken, coconut oil, and water. Anything else is going to keep you from recovering.


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    I don’t normally suffer with depression or anxiety to a degree it effects me too much and when I do get those symptoms I know they are related to my hormones as I am 49 and female and going through the perimenopause/menopause

    My typical symptoms are mostly feeling like I am always coming down with a virus or flu or sinusitis which renders me in bed 20% of my life and in my PJs 70% of my life. I work for myself from home so I can work around my poor unreliable health which in a way has been what’s stopped me dealing with this sooner I think.

    The last two holidays I have taken I was sick through both at some point and I am sick of being sick. Always cancelling dental appointments and the like because I woke up sick again.

    I have taken the same probiotics successfully once before and made great progress albeit I only made it to 2 capsules daily, but I felt so much better for it.
    I started one capsule every other day then went up to one a day and eventually 2 a day.
    I had a couple of weeks in bed with die off as I started off but it was just like what I normally experience when I get a flare up, ie: flu like symptoms.

    All I did was cut out all sugars when I did it last, which is the same I did with this attempt too. I am now drinking more water and juicing veggies.

    I do not believe in these extreme diets, it’s “Old school” thinking.
    I did it myself a decade ago for 3 years straight were I had no milk, bread, fruit, coffee, tea etc.
    It made me nutritionally weak and emotionally miserable and all it did was starve not kill the candida.
    Every day was porridge with rice milk, jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad and meat and two veg for dinner for 3 years straight. I drank some awful coffee substitute all the time and ate plain rice cakes for snacks. My nutritionist said she has never heard of anyone going that long on an extreme diet before.

    I was just sooo scared to eat anything “bad”. Eventually I had to eat normal food as I was staying with family and they did not have anything in the cupboards that did not have those “hidden sugars” in so I had to eat normal food. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t sick or ill. Of course I went “all out” after i realised that and ate so much junk food and sugary food after being so deprived for 3 years.!

    I believe in “balance” now…. certainly NO sugars of any kind at all initially and if and when you do get well keep sugars to a minimum. But the rest of the diet should be just balanced in my opinion. Think what caveman used to eat, meat veg fruit.
    I understand grains could be an issue as that’s a relatively new thing for humanity but fish and chicken and some organic red meat is fine. (In my opinion)

    Sadly the last time I took probiotics as soon as I felt 80% better on 2 capsules a day, I just got on with my life and did not increase or take antifungals and eventually stopped taking the 2 probiotics and started eating bad food again, and ended up sick again.
    But this die off I had the mental symptoms which are new to me and the most frightening probably because I wasn’t expecting them so not prepared either.

    I messed up this time because I took the same probiotic but with with a probiotic multiplier called FloraPhage which increases the pre and probiotic effect of the probiotic by x 50 (According to their clinical trials)
    I could kick myself – seems so stupid in hindsight but I did what I believe many people do and that was make a decision to “deal with it” and go in both feet first.

    I am now under a nutritionist and have paid for a stool and gut immunity tests so we can see exactly what is wrong with me. For all I know I might not even have candida, may be some other parasite or something not even related to either.

    I do not have the usual candida symptoms such as thrush, skin rashes etc…no indigestion issues either, I just feel like I have a very weak immune system OR the candida is flaring up and presenting as flu and sinusitis.

    I think I am very slowly getting better now after the acute die off, it’s always two steps forward one back with me regardless of the issue.

    I plan on doing this right next time. Slowly and fully. Not stopping as soon as i feel better. I need to see it all the way through. Plus taking probiotics should come after antifungals but you cannot skip either of them. You need to kill the bad and repopulate the gut with the good then deal with your immune system to ensure the stuff doesn’t come back and stick to a healthy balanced diet.

    I cannot see how probiotics can make candida worse unless the brand has a specific bacteria in it that has been proven to mutate or feed the bad stuff. I think they bring out all of your usual symptoms and then some as in the die off period which may confuse people into thinking they are making their candida worse but that’s very typical and to be expected. Its a normal die off reaction.

    Thanks for replying! 🙂

    Liz - UK

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