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    One is a bitter called Daily Bitters by GAIA Herbs – It’s not Grape Bitters and I wonder if it does the vagus nerve trick at the back of the tongue. It’s ingredients are: Milk Thistle seed, Wild Yarn root, Fennel Seed, Dandelion root, Gentian root, Cardamon seed, Ginger rhizome, Indian Gooseberry, Bitter Orange Peel essence, Anise seed essence, blend of sea vegetation, 60% pure vegetable glycerin (NO ALCOHOL), and water.

    The other is a Liver Detox by Megafood, and new supplement supplier thats top of the line raw vitamins that in my opinion after trying 1000’s over the years is great with the edition of raw vitamins from the source. The Amala C is so strong, the tablets can’t be measured in mg as there is no mg Daily allowance for raw vitamins yet, but the Amala C is so pure and potentm 3 tablets will give you diarrhea which takes for me 4 to 5 grams of C in that form. Anyhow they make this liver detox from a Reishi Antler Mushroom that’s supposed to have much more detoxifying effects than milk thistle, but don’t know it its hype of the truth or of sales quota. Thanks

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