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    Hello! 🙂

    I’m on candida diet now for 3 weeks. I was using on daily basis oregano oil, GSE, Candex, a little of garlic oil, Betaine HCL with meals, Pancreatine, strong probiotics and mixture of fiber (Psyllium, Inulin, Bificol, Oat fiber) 2 big teaspoons every night with 3-4 dcl of water. First 2 weeks was ok despite a few die off symptoms, but my stool was regular without a problem. After 2 weeks until now I have a constipation with daily abdominal pain and not sure what to do when it looks like even fiber is not helping. I stopped taking antifungals after this so now Im just on Betaine HCL, Pancreatine, probiotics and fiber.

    Is there anyone who knows what can be the cause of this?
    Thank you very much for any response. 🙂


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    What are you eating? I recommend using the pseudograins (buckwheat, quinoa).

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