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    Hi everyone :-/
    I’ve been on the diet for two months trying not to cheat at all and two days ago I became very foolish – after so much time my symptoms SLOWLY started to disappear and my face was getting better – not swollen anymore eye bags and dark circles
    Disappearing slowly but steadily . Two days ago I said to myself that I’ve been doing so well I deserve a treat – well my treat was lasting for two days and I was eating everything without limit – bread , bitter coffee sweets doughnuts anything I could find – I felt like I was in some kind of bad mental state and I couldn’t stop eating – I said to myself no more today but it has repeated . I want to say to you that today morning I woke up again swollen and eye bags and dark circles , back where I have started from – and to be honest with you I continued binge eating today because I see no sense in what I’m doing anymore I regret what I’ve done but I can’t turn back time and I can’t find enough strength within me to fight :-/ so I’m asking for help – what should I do now ? Start over again ? How ?:-/


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    Continue on where you left off and learn from your mistakes. I hate to put it frankly, but you are what you eat!

    And don’t do this again for many more months…if possible.

    If you don’t continue the diet, the symptoms will only get worse, and maybe someday you will get seizures (like myself), dermatitis, or even worse. Candida can cause many diseases/symptoms and is a very serious health problem.


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