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    Hubby brought me home some coconut milk that was in a box. I poured myself a shot glass of it…cuz that is what I drink my kefir out of. It came out kind of clumpy. I thought a box. Took a drink and it was rotten S###. My whole mouth is on FIRE. I’m drinking kefir…feeling like I’m going to throw up yet again.

    Is there only bad luck?

    I’m ready to fill my shot glass with Vodka soon….


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    Jackie, all I can say is: Hubby = guinea pig.
    Remember that the next time he comes toting some lovely concoction in for your dining pleasure.
    Did you check the date and ingredients? Or do you now know it was long ago and far away outdated?

    Is there only bad luck?

    Some years …

    I’m ready to fill my shot glass with Vodka soon….

    Stop it, you just think you are. Keep it up and Im gonna put Lucy all over you like white on that rice we don’t eat


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    This is what he bought me.

    0g Sugars/ 2g Carbohydrate

    I was excited to try it.

    It was sealed with a foil top.

    Date on box Reads May 29 2012

    He feels awful….I feel like I ate soap. I thought it was clumpy cuz it was in a box…Now I feel clumpy.

    Was going to cancel my appointment to Mayo Clinic…but thinking I might go…this is so crazy. I just want someone to draw my blood and tell me I’m ok…no one around here will even see me.

    I’m so thankful that you have not given up on me.

    Oh, my kids are eating nutella right now …. oh how I want a spoonful.

    Just to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

    Are you certain no Vodka???


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    Bingo, mystery solved.

    Look at the ingredients on the carton; you’ll see a little goodie by the name of “Monk fruit” which contains both fructose and glucose. Please don’t ask me how they can get away with the claim “Sugar Free” because it’ll just piss me off again (sorry). But companies such as these have no right to do this, yet they continue to do so endlessly. Unfortunately, what we’ve been reduced to doing is literally researching each and every ingredient in a product individually in order to be aware of what we’re putting in our body. This is one reason I’ve said in the past to keep it as pure as possible, meaning, the less number of ingredients the purer the product and the less the chance of problems occurring.

    Don’t blame yourself, Jackie, and I know you well enough to know you’re not going to blame your husband … it’s a mistake and you’ve learned from it, so in a way, not all is lost, even though I know it feels like it is. If you tell your husband about this, he can learn as well.

    Later, Able

    PS: And put that bottle of vodka down.


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    When I drink coconut milk, half of the time the milk turns into a “solid.” I get the canned organic stuff. Anyways, some brands are better than others, but this one brand “solidifies” worse than the others…it should be a liquid! I also would consider it to be a test food item because it sort of gives me a light reaction. It’s almost not noticeable, but I do feel a little something after drinking it.

    So, next time you get it and it is solid, return it for a liquid one!



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    I think I’m just sticking with plain lemon water and that is it. I’m so sick of getting sick off of such stupid foods.


    Breakfast: Probiotic

    Lunch: Yogurt

    Snack: cucumber, olives, red pepper slices

    Dinner: Tilapia, Broccoli, Shredded Coconut, Lemon Water

    Going to bed…sick of trying…just going to stick to this diet.

    I don’t think I’m going to Mayo Clinic. Think I will wait till summer vacation.

    You guys are the best.

    You would think I would be smart enough to NOT drink something that was thick…but I think because Kefir is like that I just thought I would give it a go…

    Oh no…I didn’t have Kefir today…

    Gotta go chug some.


    You guys are the very best.



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    Jackie2 wrote:
    Snack: cucumber, olives, red pepper slices

    Hi Jackie,

    If you have upset stomach (throwing up or nausea) you might want to avoid cucumbers, olives and red peppers (actually any peppers) as they might aggravate your stomach even more. Ginger and fennel help though so try to add a little bit of that to your veggies. Ginger is great when you saute your veggies and I found that it does not have to be only in a Chinese dish with soy sauce 🙂 garlic is just fine with it. Fennel you can cook or add raw to your salads.

    Just an advice from someone who had suffered in the past 🙂 It will help with your stomach issues and add a little different flavor if you are getting bored with your food.

    Hope you feel better already.



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    I feel really bad when I drink coconut milk as well even though it only contains coconut and water. I’m assuming it is die-off (nausea, abdominal pain, back ache) since it still contains a lot of oil, but I excluded it of my diet for the time being.

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