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    i feel like while yawll are providing a tremendous amount of insight and information, its still difficult to take in and a challenge to organize. even with the index of posts. its alot of links, and alot of reading..and given the state people are in when they are desperate enough to persue this process, i think things could be made easier.

    i used to be a personal trainer and would always make peoples meal plans completely mapped out so they didnt have to think about it, they just had to do it..because i know just doing it is hard enough. i would create the structure of thier entire day. sample meals and required macro nutrients/recommended sources. it was a formula i could use for everyone and it worked. what about this kind of thing for the diet and protocol here?

    all in one place, something that lists everything chronologically from day one of the clease, to the end of stage one and into stage two. nothing to excessively wordy or scientific. theres a boatload of information already available for anyone to read. just what you need to take, when, and such.

    this is something im fully willign to take the time to do myself with the information available here, i just thought one of you guys might be more able(900). sorry no puns for raster. not sure whoever else is sharin the knowledge around here but when i joined this forum, they were the dudes who really helped me out.


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