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    Hi there!

    If you’re ok with butter and xylitol, you’re in for a treat! I’ve just made these muffins for the first time and they are sumptuously warm, buttery and have a slight caramel taste from the almonds and xylitol.

    The recipe is an adaptation of the one found in the link below. I substituted flour with almond meal, and cow’s milk with almond milk. Also, the 3/4 cup sugar was replaced by 1/2 cup xylitol. I didn’t bother “coating” the muffins at the end either; just let them cool for 20 minutes and ate them warm, with a cup of cold almond milk


    Looking forwardto comments on ingredients and variations. The almond flour i used was not bob’s red mill; his is too coarse. I went for the ‘Lucky Nuts’ brand because it works really well.


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    Thanks for sharing, these sound so yum! Does it have to be cows butter or could I use goats butter, or almond butter instead?

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