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    2 Large organic eggs
    1 Large handful of rinsed and dried spinach
    1-2 Cloves of garlic, chopped
    2 Slices organic, (no additives) turkey (I used Applegate Farms brand which contains no sugars whatsoever)
    1 Slice rice cheese (optional–make sure to read the ingredients and make sure it’s okay)
    1 Sprinkling of fresh sea salt
    1 TSP Virgin coconut oil
    1 TBSP water



    1. Grease omelet pan with coconut oil.
    2. Whisk eggs and water until eggs are blended.
    3. Cook eggs on medium to high heat – you can add the garlic immediately if you want it cooked-in or near the end if you want them more raw.
    4. (Optional) Rip cheese square down the center and put it down the middle of the omelet as soon as the bottom of the egg begins to whiten.
    5. Add spinach, turkey and sea salt now.
    6. Using a spatula lift edges of omelet into the center (you may need to hold the edges down for several moments before they’ll stay.
    7. Flip omelet over onto itself (this should take care of the very open face it starts with)
    8. Cook until it begins to brown and serve. Allow several minutes to cool.


    Without the fake cheese, this is definitely okay for Stage 1 of the diet as far as I can tell…depending on if you can find a good fake cheese, it should be okay even with it.

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