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    Hey y’all…
    it’s been 9 months on the diet for me. I have, unfortunately, not been doing very well. I had a pretty crazy summer, as you might have read, and kind of overdid it and crashed pretty hard a couple of weeks after I got home. I also tried to test out tomatoes again, and I think that sealed the deal. I feel like I did about 8 months ago and have for the past month or so. It’s a pretty big bummer that all of my work went to waste because of me being careless.

    I guess I just want this to be a lesson to y’all…don’t cheat, don’t add foods too fast, don’t overdo it with your body, and get your rest!!

    I’m back on track, cut out all of the foods I had added in, and am doubling the amount of kefir I was drinking, but nothing much is really helping even though it’s been a month.

    I’m feeling pretty hopeless right now, but maybe someday I’ll feel better again. I’m glad y’all are here.


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    Sorry, boo. It’s good that you continue to post so that people know the various ways this can go.

    Here’s hoping…


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    Hate to hear this, Alex, and I’m so sorry you haven’t improved since we last talked.

    Check your inbox, please.



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    oh bummer !!
    thank you for sharing your truth.
    I REALLY hope it get better for you again !!
    sending you love & light one day at a time !


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    Oh no! I wondered about you the other day, as I have been following post on here, but not posting lately. Hang in there, and I hope things start looking up again. My summer was quite hectic, too!


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    I’ve been wondering about you too, Alex, and missing your posts. Thank you hugely for posting this. As I feel better and better, I start to question whether I was really all that sick before and I start pushing myself physically because there’s so much to be done. Yesterday I was as active as I’ve been in seven months with house work and home repair projects and biking to town with my daughter and two hours of physical volunteer work there and home for yard work and cooking until I was frightened to feel that old exhaustion suddenly reappear. I was as exhausted as I’ve been in many weeks. It reminded me that I am not all better and I was quite sick and I will take it much easier from here on out.
    Sorry you have crashed so hard. I have to think you’ll bounce back faster than you did in the first go round. Rest and take care!


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    Thanks y’all! I’m doing a little better today…two days ago, I did a lot of meditating and woo-woo hippie talking with my spirit guides. I’m trying to get back in a better mindset. I got a part in my dream musical (I play a genderqueer unicorn with a magical dance sequence!), so I’m trying to rest up as much as I can before rehearsals start for that. It’s a pretty casual show – tiny production company, new playwright – so I think it will be as mellow as a production can be. I haven’t seen the script yet, but I’m kind of hoping my part isn’t too big, LOL!

    I also did a dance class yesterday that kind of kicked my ass, but I felt really good for awhile after…until last night, when I had some random bladder pains that came out of nowhere. Luckily, they only lasted about 45 minutes. Usually, I only get them when I accidentally eat too much sugar, but yesterday I didn’t have anything that would even be close to questionable :/

    I’m just going to keep praying for a miracle and eating my greens :/

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