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    I found this page by chance, surfing in the net looking for information. I am Spanish and in my country it is not fully recognised as an illness usually; the so-called medical authorities consider you as being a sort of psychosomatic neurotic/hypochondriac full of paranoia, obsessions, etc . I am suffering from this curse – intestinal candidiasis – and from hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia( althouh I am afraid they are all connected ) with lots of added symptoms…Fed up of being given antidepressants, ansyolitics, pains-killers, antibiotics and so on for several years and not getting well, I decided it was time to act by my own and that is why I am over here looking for answer to recover my health and my equilibrium. After this little presentation, I will deliver my question. As I am following a diet from a Spanish naturopath -CALA CERVERA -( a bit different from the one included in here ! ; the thing is that I get a bit stressed with the candida diet due to my hypothyroidism ( I also try to follow an orthomolecular diet for my hypo at the same time,so it is a ” nightmare ” sometimes to try to eat and to survive- including also the fact that I suffer from plenty of food intolerancies ( undoubtedly connected with my candida problems ! )What do you counsel me in the end, just to follow the anti-candida diet in principle and forget the rest ???( this ,alone, is quite stringent and stressful ! My best wishes from Spain and my most sincere gratitude for your advice and help. Pedro from Murcia, Spain.


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    Hello I just wanted to mention I also have suffered from hypothyroidism which seems to come and go. I’ve had numerous illnesses and traditional doctors have usually told me they don’t know what’s going on. They told me it’s IBS, dermatitis, or they just diagnose each yeast infection but never bother to figure out why I keep getting so many of them. I also have horrible itching in my vulva, which is why I’ve had to take matters into my own hands.
    I’ve been on the candida diet, following it pretty strictly for a little over two weeks, and most of my worst symptoms are improving. If you find the symptoms are better when you’re on the diet, then there’s a good possibility that you’re on the right track. I hope you can make it work for you. I know it’s hard finding the right things to eat- I’m starving!! Stick with it because it is a real problem and doctors are clearly clueless. I wish you the best in your fight against candida. Hang in there!


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    Not sure if available where you are from, but look into NAET treatment (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) for your food allergies. I too had a long list of food allergies/sensitivities due to candida. Working with my naturopath we started desensitizing my body to each food, one session at a time. It really helped. There are still a couple that are still a problem, but again most likely due to candida. So I am doing the candida diet hardcore this time (I’m at week 9), and plan on staying on it, until I can get things turned around. Once candida out of system I will go back and get retested on the food items that were still a problem to see if clear up after candida gone. If still an issue, we can try desensitizing again.

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