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    Caught your attention didn’t I? 😉

    It all started with a visit from my long distance relationship girlfriend. ( before that I had a course of antibiotics ) She spent the week with me after a few days I notices spots on my peewee which without a doubt the doctor said it’s candida for sure. But he never checked my tongue or anything else, he didn’t do a full checkup. After using the cream I noticed small improvement but then I was starting to have heart palpitation and almost feinting but keep in my mind I have Gluten Intolerance for a 2 years and still struggling with that diet. Not only that I’m a heavy consumer of energy drinks and I never eat milk products.( and I had to use a few antiobiotics treatments in my life, like 4+ times.)

    Every time I consumed an energy drink I thought I was gonna die from a heart attack, it never used to do this to me and I used to be able to drink them fine. So I decided to look up candida and one of the main symptoms is white tongue which I noticed I have.

    So I stopped consuming any or almost form of a sugar after 1 or 2 days I started feeling much better, no palpitation what so ever. Also months before I kept having a feeling that something is lightly strangling me in my throat and while going off sugar that almost disappeared.

    I’m like wow, sugar causes all that, I’m even losing weight which is so freaken awesome.

    I’m on a diet of probiotics yogurts and water, I havent felt this good in years and I used to have a milk intolerence thus why i didn’t eat to much milk products, it’s not giving me problems anymore after forcing myself to eat some.

    I had stopped using that cream on my peewee, just the change in the diet fixed that issue in 2 days. How insane is that!


    Siberian Ginseng, Probiotics, Garlic, Peppermint/Cam. Tea = Does wonders.

    I only have heavy symptoms when I abuse sugar,

    I’m guessing my stomach is infected with yeast, probably my throat too considering the white tongue. But I have if I keep to this diet, it will stabilize my system.

    27yo male.

    Thanks a lot for listening guys and girls 🙂
    I appreciate any advice!

    edited: on another note,

    If you have to be sugar free and gluten free, it makes it twice as hard to find good food to indulge in to sustain yourself. O.o

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