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    I’m 22 years old. since about the age of 12 i’ve been suffering from asthma, eczema, fatigue, irritability, severe stomach bloating and cramps anytime i eat breads or cheese. i don’t go a day without eating sweet treats and not just a little bit. i go overboard every single time. i just crave it so much im not overweight either. im actually about 10 lbs underweight. i self medicate with benadryl to stay asleep at night because i wake up constantly and it helps me get the most sleep possible. i try and workout every day but right after i start sneezing uncontrollably and have a really stuffy/runny nose that leaves me feeling miserable. recently ive started breaking out on my cheeks which has NEVER happened. could this be something i have? seriously considering the cleanse and diet!


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    You would be wise to not only consider the diet and protocol, but to also start on them both as soon as you possibly can. As you yourself can see, the infestation is growing worse as you sit there contemplating whether or not to start treating your serious problems. I believe that your problems are stemming from a Candida overgrowth, not only because of your symptoms, but due also to your history.

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    Sounds like there are toxins flooding your lungs causing the asthma. The toxins are also detoxing via the skin causing eczema. The fatigue and irritability are liver/kidney symptoms. The stomach stuff sounds like allergic reactions to the foods you eat. Your insomnia doesn’t sound healthy either. Sneezing is an allergic reaction and runny nose is an immune response.

    I think you’ve found a good place to start getting healthy and hopefully many of your symptoms will reduce or go away in time. If you consult a naturopathic doctor and can afford the supplements and diet, you likely will notice improvements faster than what we can provide on the forum.

    Sugar cravings are also very much tied to candida.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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