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    Hi – (first post!)

    I’ve been ill for many years with an ME/CFS diagnosis (CFIDS). I had my candida antibodies tested by a saliva test, and had a high IgA.

    My IgG was ok – 8 (<10 U/mL)

    But IgA was 21.5 (< 10 U/mL) Has anyone any experience with these test results and can say how bad that might be? I know someone who had leaky gut syndrome and had a result of >150, but I don’t know how extreme that is.

    I can’t do a proper cleanse cos of other health issues, like recurring anaemia. But I’ve eliminated refined carbs/starches, sugar & anything remotely junk food. I have seen a private doc who gave me Nizorel, but I’m reluctant to take it if its possible to just use natural stuff. From a past candida test it seems my little critters don’t like garlic or uva ursi, so would taking those two & fiber-3 be enough? When do I add the probiotics?

    I should add that my only obvious symptom (apart from the fatigue & ill health!) is anal itching and white powdery flakes on underwear. Oh and terrible digestion probs, like indigestion, gas & bloating. I started eliminating carbs etc 10 days ago and gave already had headaches, brain fog & ‘airplane’/blocked ears…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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