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    I have a lot of health issues, connective tissue problems, a disorder called SMAS (which essentially squeezes my intestines thus the need for a liquid diet), and on top of this I have oral thrush that I worry has spread deeper in my GI tract. Due to all of these issues I can only tolerate liquids and seriously need to gain weight as I am dangerously underweight. My doctor recommended I drink protien shakes to put on weight but I cannot get the vitamins and minerals I need off of protien shakes alone. I’m currently drinking a nutrition shake called Orgain Nutrition 4 times a day, but it has 12g of sugar. I am really struggling here because my thrush is at an all time high but this is the only way I’ve found to get all the nutrition I need.

    Does anyone know of any way I can follow a liquid diet while still on the Anti candida protocol and get the nutrition I need? Any advice is much needed and appreciated.


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    bone broth or soups

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