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    I’m not sure to the extent of my infection but when I was 15 I removed a cyst and then I got vitiligo on my private area. Anyways it’s difficult to distinguish the vitiligo from what could be candida infection. I know for sure there’s a infection underneath the gonads and itches bad with skin that is probably defiantly fungal.( I can itch it til it’s raw) I tried tea tree oil and clove mixed with coconut (I read this was good) but the tea tree/clove is making me loose skin pigmentation on the areas of vitiligo. I used just evco but it doesent seem to be helping quite possibly making it worse. I’m planning on seeing a infectious disease doctor but idk, I already used a steroid my doctor prescribed with he confused the vitiligo with “yeasties” didn’t work so he sent me to a derm. I’ve had to change my soap to glycine and even had a reaction to food although it’s better then before. I also have it on the side of my legs as in a red rash that doesent bother me often. I’m 22 but this has been going on for too long and any advice would be good. I tried ingesting coconut oil but it made me constipated, idk if it was too much. Thanks, I’m not an expert.



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    Diet plays a large role be sure to cut back on your grains and sugars, this includes starches. Coconut oil is a good source of EFA’s which help reduce inflammation, there are alternatives, but starting out slower may help you.

    I’ve tried most of the creams and ointments and none really do much, even coconut oil only helps moderately and is barely worth using. The things that have helped my rashes the most are obviously dieting, surfing “ocean is loaded with good bacteria”.

    And something I’m almost loath to mention as I have not fully tested it out, it’s only been a week. But I’m showing excellent signs on my rashes when using a cannabis tincture topically, which stay well for about 2 days, similar to surfing. Something the Terbinafine I’ve taking for two months hasn’t even helped much with. But it knocks off any thick platelets and often breaks the rashes up enough to see healthy tissue signs in the middle of the rash, just like surfing does. So I felt to excited not to post, but like I said it’s only been a week so can’t confirm how well it works accurately. And it was made a little differently as it was made from leaf and was not de-carboxilated, which alters the cannabinoid make up to get a person intoxicated, so this is a non-intoxicating version.

    Ya steroids react bad with this stuff, instead make your own pro-biotics like yogurt, kefir and fermented vegetables, etc to build up your immune system. Most are super easy to make, if you do yogurt you can even make sour cream and cream cheese alternatives pretty easily that are loaded with pro-biotics and also opens the door to 5 minute home made dressings like ranch etc.

    For me the diet is the main thing to be aware of, it has the greatest impact that I’ve noticed. That and being active and getting outside in the sun, dirt, ocean can also help.

    Edit: to clarify the use as a topical

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