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    Hi there,

    I don’t really know how bad my candida overgrowth is but for many many years (I’d say the last 6 at least), I’ve suffered from bloating, abdominal cramps, mood swings, lack of energy, depression and rashes after eating or drinking certain foods and drinks.

    When I went the doctors with these symptoms 5 years ago, especially the depression – I was near suicidal – I was told that I was clinically depressed and I was started on a course of Fluoxtine. I took this for 6 months and took 2 months off work and, admittedly, began to feel better and came off them. I stil continued to suffer the bloating, rashes and lack of energy though.

    I then thought that it had something to do with my reproductive organs, and a laparoscopy in January confirmed this and I was surgically treated for endometriosis. Since then my symptoms have reduced somewhat.

    I try to eat healthily but do treat myself to the odd takeaway pizza and I do drink socially quite often.

    I thought that doing the candida detox and diet would help and I embarked on the cleane on Tuesday and did this for three days without any slip ups. I then started Stage 2 on Friday.

    I have been taking a probiotic and antifungal (caprilic acid) daily as well as Milk Thistle three times a day.

    However yesterday (Saturday) I slipped up and had three glasses of red wine and some ice cream.

    I feel insansly guilty about this now and I’m worried that I’ve affected all the good work that I have done. The symptoms have not returned apart from a very low mood, general “snapiness” and apathy.

    What can I do to get myself back on track? I am planning on continuing the stage 2 diet for a couple of weeks before trying to reintroduce stage 3 foods, but was wondering if there is anything I can do additionally to counteract the slip up?

    I have to take the contraceptive pill daily to help with endometriosis so I don’t know if trying to do the candida diet in its full glory is really worth it….

    Any advice welcome.




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    Just continue back on the diet when you slip up. Only when your symptoms get worse do you need to worry.

    Alcohol is just about the worst thing you can feed candida, so if you want to go back to square-one really quickly, drink it up!

    People heal faster than others, but I’ve been on phase 1 for 5 months and have been on phase 2 for 4 months. I basically have no symptoms but they creep up when I get really worn down.



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    3 days on stage 1 is nothing. Have you felt any die-off effects?

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