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    Hi all,
    I started trying to treat my candida about a month ago, but wasn’t well-informed about what was and wasn’t off-limits. I did my research about 10 days ago and immediately switched over to the strict candida diet + antifungals. I felt terrible for 3 days, then gradually better. I still have some headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms, but I do think I am improving. My only problem has been consistent sleep. For the first week I was waking up right before 1am, every night, and it would take me about an hour to get back to sleep. The past few nights, this has switched to right before 3am (around 2:57). I did some research and found that supposedly 1-3am is the time of the liver, so maybe my liver is stressed trying to remove all the toxins. I have been quite constipated (sorry if that is tmi) despite eating piles of green vegetables and drinking lots of water, so I don’t know what else to do at this point.

    Anyway, if anyone has insight into what this waking up means–if it does mean liver stress or maybe my body is just having trouble sleeping and has gotten into a rhythm of waking up at the same time–I would love to hear from you. I am doing what I can, but I am getting tired of feeling so yucky and would like it all out of me!


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    The liver is definitely something worth addressing and should help everything in general. you need a detox plan when you do the diet and its a key way to get better at first.

    Try out some flax oil, it helps with your sleep too.

    Get some exercise and do some light walks. Even a little bit helps.

    Melatonin works great for short periods of time.



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    I too experience these periods of waking up. This happens during a number of nights, and then all of a sudden I sleep through the entire night. Or I suddenly start waking up at a different time.

    I stopped worrying about that. That’s what helped me most. Worrying keeps me awake for longer than necessary. Not worrying makes me calm, which results in me not being fully awake, but being in a state of half-sleep-half-awake for 30 to 60 minutes or so.

    I’ve experienced this on and off for years now. As long as my total amount of sleep hours is sufficient, it is no problem at all.



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