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    I’ve figured for a while that I have an overgrowth of yeast in my system- I have stomach issues, especially acid reflux, seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp (itchy dandruff like thing), constantly have vaginal yeast infections, and always have a white coated tongue and weird taste in my mouth. I am a big time sugar craver.

    So with the new year, I figured I would try cutting out the crap. I stopped eating all gluten products and no more sugar. At all. I oil pull with coconut oil in the morning and take a probiotic and neem capsules. I mostly just eat chicken and vegetables, plain unsweetened probiotic yogurt, some gluten free products, and soup. Lots of protein, mostly. I’m used to eating a lot of protein, so I don’t think my problems are from that.

    Basically, the first 3-4 days, I felt amazing. I didn’t have a white coating on my tongue at all, my stomach felt more settled, and I was craving sugar like crazy but I felt cleaner, no more weird taste in my mouth. Then, I started to notice my dandruff was flaring up like CRAZY, more aggressive than ever. I became so dehydrated allllll the time, and guzzle through so many glasses per day and still experience an aggressive dry mouth. I started sleeping 10 hours in a night, wake up late and still felt super tired. I woke up in the middle of the night totally sweating and kicked off the blankets, even though it’s snowy winter weather. Now, I have watery diarrhea occasionally, and have a lot of bloating and terrible smelling gas. I’m not eating foods that traditionally upset my stomach, and have been taking it pretty easy. I feel so tired and out of it all of the time, but my tongue still has no coating.

    Is this what candida die off is?? Dry mouth and dehydration, tiredness and fuzziness, diarrhea and bad gas? Should I stop taking the neem? Will it go away? Is this from the candida or is it something else?


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    A very low carb diet may worsen a fungal overgrowth condition. I use quinoa, buckwheat, green lentils and potatoes.

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