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    Hi from the UK.

    I’ve been suffering from noticeable effects of Candida (extreme exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, external thrush etc etc) for a few months now, following 4 months of antibiotics for suspected epidydimitis.

    I’ve been following Lisa’s programme (paid for the download) and am now well into the diet after the detox and at the stage of adding in probiotics and then the Candida Support etc next week, but a friend just sent me this below, which is very freaky to say the least.

    It’s hard to know who to trust with all this stuff, but they basically make a few scary claims:

    1) That candida, once it’s escaped beyond the gut, can lead to cancer, and is in fact one of the most common causes of cancer. I’ve never heard of this before and it seems very worrying!

    2) That anti-candida diets and probiotics/antifungals don’t work on candida that has escaped into the bloodstream, only on candida that remains in the gut.

    3) That anti-candida diets and probiotics/antifungals at best only put the bodywide candida into a dormant state, and that it remains there to develop into cancer.

    However there are other schools of thought (some of which I’ve seen on this forum) that say the bodywide symptoms of candida are due not to the candida itself travelling beyond the gut, but the many different toxins that the candida creates within the colon which then enter the bloodstream.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    4) That the only way to truly kill the bodywide candida is to attack the ‘armoured chitin layer’ of the candida with their product, a ‘Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor’.

    I really wondered what you guys thought about this?

    Is it worth a go, alongside Lisa’s programme, or maybe after it?

    Or could it even be harmful?

    It’s hard to know who to trust sometimes, especially when your doctor laughs at even the existence of candida, like mine does!

    And then there are so many people out there selling different things.

    The selling of the above product is very sensational too, but I didn’t want to dismiss it completely until I’d heard more experienced people’s thoughts.

    I just really want to be sure I’m doing everything in my power to get my candida under control, and certainly to avoid it ‘becoming cancer’.

    Hope it’s OK to ask all this!

    Many thanks,

    Mark, UK


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    I generally wouldn’t worry about cancer and this website or their products. Cancer can be caused by candida, but so can many many other diseases such as diabetes, etc. Candida does produce a wall to protect it, so you may not find tons of success if you don’t destroy the candida walls via special methods. I wouldn’t purchase their products because their statements cause fear.

    Hope this helps!



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    Many thanks, but what are these ‘special methods’? :-))


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    Homeopathic remedies. For instance, there is a homeopathic called pleo citro that destroys the walls that candida creates to protect itself. There are other ones that I don’t know about.

    Another product worth mentioning is SF722 which causes candida to revert back to its non-pathogenic state.



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    Thanks! Do others agree wih this? neither are mentioned as a part of Lisa’s plan.

    Be great to get some answers from you guys to my q’s above, especially regarding whether candida itself enters the bloodstream/muscles etc, or just the toxins generated by it that cause all the bodywide symptoms.


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    This past weekend I watched a show called Know the cause. The Dr (who also sells his diet/philosophy thru his book) claims that the fungus enters the blood stream and releases toxins. Specifically for breast cancer, calcium binds to the fungus trying to protect the body and calcification forms in the breast which May leade to cancer (or may not).
    I’m actually going for a breast biopsy tomorrow for calcification. So it’s funny that I caught the show.
    Dr Kaufmann (author of the book and host to the show) proposes a similar diet, but not as strict. There are two phases. The first phase is probably as lenient as phase three of Able’s diet.
    Anyone hear of this guy or read his book?


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    lockie86;48521 wrote: Thanks! Do others agree wih this? neither are mentioned as a part of Lisa’s plan.

    Be great to get some answers from you guys to my q’s above, especially regarding whether candida itself enters the bloodstream/muscles etc, or just the toxins generated by it that cause all the bodywide symptoms.

    For the peace of your mind, stop reading garbage in the web about candida.

    Please, do your treatment and don’t worry about candida in your blood or any other nonsense you read around.

    Who is telling it to you have more than 6000 posts in different candida forums and yahoo groups and have been reading, researching, and studying this syndrome since 2008. Until today, I have collected over 200 medical papers and articles linked to candida.

    So, do your treatment. !



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    Thanks for the replies!

    Erica’s makes me worry more! Jorge’s makes me worry less! :-))

    So Jorge you are fairly certain that the candida fungus itself doesn’t get into the bloodstream? Just the toxins from the candida, which creates all the symptoms? Even if you have leaky gut? I thought the whole concept of leaky gut was that candida burrowed through the gut wall and got into the bloodstream? Is this definitely not true? It’s much more reassuring if it’s not true and that the candida itself remains contained.

    Also regarding ‘do your treatment’, that doesn’t seem so simple either. :-)) I am following Lisa’s plan to the letter but on here I see other people mentioning ‘the protocol'(is that Lisa’s plan or something else?) and also enemas etc, so not totally sure I’m doing the right thing?? Be great to hear exactly what I should be doing from people who’ve got themselves better!

    And still wondering if I should be trying Lufenuron? But I think the general consensus on here is that it’s too dangerous to risk??

    Many thanks for all your help!



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    Yes the protocol and diet is completely different from what you are now doing. If you would like to get it. You can ask Able. Msg him, go via the inbox system, and ask him for his strict diet and protocol.

    When you get them make sure that you follow them. Stop making yourself anxious. You are not the only one in this boat.



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    Check out as many posts as you can from Able, Raster, and dvjorge’s (who is also on the curezone candida forum) as well as many other
    ‘advanced” members, they have already done all the research we could ever find, you will find a wealth of very important info through them…


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    I’m skeptical of anybody’s opinion, that is trying to sell you something.


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    I would say – there are thousands of crazy ideas out there, new and old, and they need to be backed up by the scientific method of test and prove, especially if they want money for their miracle product. Things that can’t be proved may still be valid, but outside of our current knowledge, so you have to decide who to trust, based on experience, anecdotal evidence and pure care and kindness.
    All the people and friends I know who have had cancer have been on standard,meat,sugar,alcohol,yeast,wheat,gluten,dairy filled diets. I don’t know of any who have been on a true strict candida diet and got cancer. I have also had friends who have cured cancer with mega-juicing, greens, herbs etc…
    Able, and dvjorge are so, so, helpful and I don’t see how they can be ripping us off in any way.
    Able has a strict diet which he will send you, it is tried and tested by many. Read his posts and dvjorge’s scientific input.
    Try it!!!

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