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    When i’m exposed to cigarette smoke, my symptoms flare up. But this is not the only thing, I can’t sleep, it’s like as if i drank a lot of coffee or was really stressed out without having done anything of the two.

    Once in Berlin, me and my friends stayed out in clubs most of the night, everyone is smoking these places in Germany – I could not sleep for 2 days, only a couple of hours.

    As I’m writing this, my neighbour down stairs is smoking like a chimney, and a little smoke gets up in my apartment. It’s not much, but I feel worse when I’m home and she is too.

    Any one else experience this with candida and smoke?


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    I have never had these types of reactions from second hand smoke but this does occur from my experience with first hand smoke.



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    Yes, I used to get really sick after inhaling second-hand smoke. The bars here are smoke free these days so I haven’t had to deal with this in a few years.

    My theory is that candida messes with your immune system and since cigarettes have alot of toxic chemicals in them its hard for your body to detoxify these toxins efficiently.

    I would get extreme headaches, sore throat, and even broke out in hives sometimes after a night out on the town. Do you have a sauna nearby? I always found those helped me to minimize the effects after exposure.


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    Have you tried taking more vitamin C during these times? I would think it’s the toxins overloading your body and stressing your adrenals.

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