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    I am new here, tried to search the fora for an answer to my question. I did not find it.
    I am trying to leave all sugar out of my diet. I have a lot of blather infection due to gardnarella and not yet proven candidasis and furthermore cristallization in my urine from sugar. The anti candida diet seems to benefit me a lot.
    But sometimes I find myself in a position that I am unable to refuse the offered food.
    (my mother 87 f.i.believes that tea without cookies is no tea at all). Is there anything I can eat or do to compensate the sugar intake?.
    Thank you for your answers


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    I have read, but I don’t know if I necessarily agree that it really makes up for it, that eating probiotic foods and drinking kefir at the same time can help because the bacteria will eat some of the sugar. However, the best thing to do, in my opinion, is learn how to politely say no, or just avoid as many of those situations as you can until you feel okay refusing food that is damaging to your health.


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