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    I am following the diet to a T with eating only the foods that are listed in the forum… but I am wondering when if I will ever be able to eat carbs again. And how can I go about adding the foods in when I am ready? I want to be safe from candida, but it is also kinda depressing to think that I can never eat red wine vinegar, go out and have a cocktail or beer, or even chew gum ever again. I especially miss blueberries and oranges. yummy!!! Just wondering, I will be strong willed, but I just want to know. Thanks


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    Eating all of these foods can come in time, but for me, it took about 1 year of the diet to heal leaky gut. During stage 2 you can start to eat more fruits, which reduce inflammation and can heal the gut. I personally would have the leaky gut reaction to green apples earlier in my treatment but in time it went away. Occasionally you can cheat of course and have a green apple…I would consider trying it out after 2-3 months on the diet to gauge your progress.

    I ate blueberries throughout my treatment with no setbacks but everyone is different of course. I eat about 15 blueberries per day with my yogurt which contains about 8g of sugar. Blueberries and anti-inflammatory and have other health benefits.


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