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    Well iv just joined this forum, im 15 years old and i suffer from candida. I get thrush all the time and most of the other symptoms. So i want to start this programme. Not just for candida but i also read you feel much healthier, and energetic than ever. I told my mum and she is fine with it, and has bought me a few of the ingredients, for the liver flush and we have ordered the stuff for the detox drink which should be here soon as i am just starting the cleanse. I guess im going to miss the sugary snacks haha. My mum got me some pomagranite juice as it is full with anti toxins and some pomegranites to eat, i checked the list for food to eat and foods not to eat but i cant seem to find them two items on them lists. So i need help. Can i or can i not take these during my candida diet? xx


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    Sorry pomegranate contains natural sugar that feeds the candida, a no no on this diet.

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