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    Evening everyone,

    I’m really hoping that some of you can help me. For the past 6 months I have been suffering with a terrible burning mouth. It seemed to have gone off for a while but has suddenly flared up again over the last few days. I just cannot seem to pinpoint what it is that’s causing the problem. I had an intolerance test a couple of months ago and it identified a sensitivity to yeast. I’m not sure if this signifies a yeast infection? My tongue does have a white coating, which again, thought may be a sign of candida. I’ve tried to limit sugar intake, although my diet prior to this was never high in sugar anyway, my only real source of it came from fresh fruit and vegetables. I just wondered if anyone else suffers from mouth issues, are the two connected? I don’t know if it’s a die-off symptom or a symptom of it having got out of control? Every time I eat, my mouth starts burning afterwards, primarily my tongue and I have noticed that my throat has started to feel sore too. The sore throat isn’t so much a flu/tonsil infection but more my windpipe, it feels strangely burnt? My whole mouth feels on fire, which also makes my teeth pulsate and feel overly sensitive. I’m completely confused, I have no idea whats going on and would really appreciate some advice.


    A 🙂


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    It sounds like oral thrush to me. One thing you could do to eliminate it completely temporarily is to drink kombucha and if you wanted to get better, take s.boulardii capsules which is a concentrated yeast in kombucha. This will make a major dent in the yeast populations temporarily.


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