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    Desperate and need help!

    Almost three weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, then a sudden surge of nausea hit me, severe weakness, then very intense body burning inside like someone was pouring acid in me and all my organs were going to melt. This was followed by diarrhea which left me so exhausted I could remain awake. My heart rate was high and slight elevated BP.

    Next day, I am fine, weak, but at night again the burning sensations in my head, chest, arms, back, everywhere return and even worse this time. I’m pale, no sweating, no fever, and NO pain anywhere. Severe weakness. I’m in the emergency room and the doctor says I have anxiety! Gives me an Ativan and sends me home.

    Now day three, I have a mucus build up in a cough, now my burning body sensations are intensifying and feeling weak symptoms come back twice a day and get worst at night. I go to another ER and the doctor just sent me home. Blood labs and urine are clear. Says I have a virus and need to rest drink fluids.

    Inside my body I know there is something wrong and I can’t handle it. Day three and still have these symptoms. Just pushing and trying to fight. I go to a clinic and the doctor puts me on Doxycycline since he was worried I might have pneumonia. Chest X-rays are clear but I have some crackles on my bottom right long. Took the pills for 5 days but still feeling weak, burning inside, and nausea, followed by soft stool.

    Fast forward to today, almost three weeks in to my torture. Cough is much better, dry. Burning is slowly subsiding but will have short attacks with elevated heart rate and like I want to catch my breathe. I have zero energy to do anything for myself, super emotional and crying at night with all the unknowns. It’s to the point I don’t want to sleep because I am afraid something bad is going to happen to me.Luckily my husband helps me with breathing and relaxation techniques to relax and fall asleep.

    The past three days I have increased my water intake, drinking fennel tea, eating fresh papaya and seeds, eating pumpkin seeds, and a soup my husband made with (carrots, zucchini, onions, lots of garlic, tumeric). I do a liver cleanse with two table spoons of olive oil and lemon on an empty stomach every morning and a kidney cleanse at night with 4 stocks of celery, cucumbers and green apples.

    Today I woke up with soft stool, light colored. An hour or so later I had diarrhea three times.

    Is this die-off symptoms I have been experiencing with body burning sensations? Is it supposed to last this long? Am I going to be ok?

    Anything helps.

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