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    I’m wondering when is it okay to eat brown rice? I’m a huge brown rice eater, and the recipes don’t recommend it until “later stages”. What exactly constitutes the later stages, after the cleanse or after at least 2 months on the diet? And is quinoa and other grains (amaranth, buckwheat) recommended in lieu of brown rice for that period?



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    And another thing, are tomatoes allowed during the diet? It says no on the list of foods off-limit, but so many of the candida recipes on the website have tomato.


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    We developed a strict forum food list that have safe foods for the diet.

    We don’t recommend brown rice until stage 3 of the diet, or basically when you are symptom free for long period of time. I tell most forum members to plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth, if you have it.

    Brown rice is inflammatory, contains high levels of starch, is high on the glycemic index:

    If you do eat rice, black rice, red rice, and wild rice are best because they have greater nutritional properties and you likely haven’t developed allergies to them because you haven’t had them in your lifetime.

    A good substitute for brown rice is buckwheat groats which are not inflammatory, contain only 25% starch, are a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut, and are lower in the glycemic index. Additionally, buckwheat has similar texture and shape when compared to rice. If you eat rice, I would not consume it any more than once per week until stage 3 of the diet.

    We follow different stages on the forum:
    stage 0: cleanse
    stage 1: long term strict candida diet
    stage 2: for when you are long over die-off and are almost symptom free, you can tolerate more molds, starches, sugars, etc.
    stage 3: basically a healthy non-candida diet

    Tomatoes are a fruit and should not be consumed in high quantities on the diet because items such as sauces concentrate the sugar, and yeast can live on sugar quite easily.


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