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    I have seen on the foods to eat that it is possible to eat brown rice. However, I have seen some organic brown rice cakes which say that they’re only made from puffed organic brown rice.

    The nutrition information is: carbohydrates of which sugars (per slice)-6.0g

    Do you think this is ok to have?

    Thank you


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    Brown rice cakes are ok!


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    I love brown rice cakes. I got the Publix brand, which isn’t organic but it only had brown rice and a light amount of salt. I read the nutrition information and it has 0 grams of sugar.


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    I eat them as a snack everyday, with some silverside on top 🙂


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    I will tell this to my wife and check if she makes it alright.


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    It seems to me that brown rice cakes are one of those foods that some people can tolerate on the diet while others cannot. I’m one that cannot. Even though they’re brown rice, the “puffing” makes them more easily digestable and gives them a higher glycemic index/load (as I understand it). Oral thrush was one of my main candida symptoms, and eating just one 100% organic brown rice cake would make my tongue burn a bit. Nice to have that obvious gauge, I guess, but I’m glad the thrush is gone now! 🙂 So, I’d say they’re “iffy”… for me they’re a no go.


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    I can’t have them either, well not in large amounts.
    I was snacking on them fine – a couple with nut butter, but then I had a bit of a binge and ate nearly a whole packet! My gut wasn’t very happy about it and started cramping, so I haven’t had any since.
    I’m making my own juice/almond milk pulp & flax crackers for snacking now.

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