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    I’m following the diet from the webpage that is recommended for breastfeeding mothers. However after delving deeper into the forum I am finding that many candida sufferers have to adhere to extremely strict dietary standards in order to notice any improvement at all in their symptoms. I am wondering if restricting my diet to where it is now (basically everything on the webpage, plus berries/granny smith apples/sweet potatoes/pears/beans) is still going to benefit me or might even lead to a “cure”

    I’ve not yet begun on anti-fungals or probiotics (going shopping later this week). I’ve not experienced any significant symptoms of die-off that I can tell (feel like I have a cold coming on, but I’m guessing unrelated) So far, no relief of my symptoms (basically a constant mild yeast infection that flares up with any drinking, lack of sleep, stress, or poor diet).

    I’m not expecting quick relief, but wondering if anyone could add their input on whether or not dieting in this manner might still going to affect my symptoms. Also, if any moms who tried the diet while breastfeeding, your input would be greatly appreciated as well.




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    I have been breastfeeding for about a year now and have been consistent with sticking to the website’s diet for over six months. I have experienced some relief but not much. Mostly I have been doing the diet just to keep my symptoms from becoming worse as I know that the diet alone won’t provide a cure. I just added in a new probiotic called renew life ultimate flora two weeks ago and it has given me die off like I cannot believe. This is all I’ve been doing because I’m afraid of taking antifungals while bf. Soon I will start taking oil of oregano as well as cutting out all grains once my son is weaned. I have been taking megaflora probiotics for some time now but I never experienced any die off with those. My die off symptoms are unmistakeable. Cracked heels, severe and constant back ache which started off as flu like symptoms. Hope this helps some!


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    The diet alone won’t cure your overgrowth; you need probiotics, antifungals, and vitamins/minerals to reach the cure.



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    A little update on this diet/relation to breastfeeding and also my progress:

    Let me say I would not recommend this diet for mothers with infants who are less than 6 months old who are serious about breastfeeding their baby exclusively – I have had a noticeable drop in my milk supply over the past 8-9 weeks. I believe if your baby hasn’t been introduced to solids a drop in milk supply may become problematic for you if you aren’t prepared for it. I will say that my daughter recently had her 1 year birthday and is slowly naturally weaning, so the drop in my milk supply is sort of fitting in to her own natural maturation.

    It was so overwhelming beginning this diet for me, because it was such a drastic change in routine and lifestyle (for the better, but an adjustment nontheless). I’ve been trying to buy organic vegetables and hope to buy some organic meat (fish, chicken) soon. I still feel I need to cut out brown rice, red meat entirely (definitely have cut down), berries, green apples, and (this is probably pretty bad) sweet potatoes. I read the website’s recommended diet for breastfeeding mothers and it approved all of these foods in order to maintain an adequate milk supply for the baby. From my reading on the forum it looks as though it may not be possible for a cure without removing these foods entirely, at least for “Stage 2”.

    I eat a LOT of vegetables now, it’s probably 3/4 or more of what I eat in a day. I eat a lot of eggs also and chicken. Daily plain yogurt with liquid stevia and walnuts. I recently read about soaking nuts and just tried some almonds today. I cheated on an organic quinoa/corn pasta one night to make dinner for my husband and myself. I also have had a rice pasta recently with just garlic butter or olive oil sauces (and tons of veggies) that I make myself. Other foods that I eat which are prohibited I eat because I am at relatives’ homes and don’t want to be rude and refuse food (for example, eating fried chicken but avoiding the pizza and jojos)- I think I’m just going to have to start eating beforehand or bringing dishes I can eat instead of picking the lesser of the evils before me at family events.

    I’ve been on a good probiotic for nearly a month, and have acquired garlic and oil of oregano (also have a large supply of coconut oil) I’ve read that it’s good to alternate antifungals every 2 weeks so I plan on doing that. I wonder: is it beneficial, or too much, to take more than one antifungal at a time?

    It’s hard to say at this point if I’ve noticed a decrease in symptoms. I will say as a positive that I have a LOT more energy, I wake up before I need to everyday and am able to jump right out of bed. I do feel more clear headed. Unfortunately I still have feminine infection symptoms (regularly, as usual). Another problem I still have, and this is surprising to me, is slow elimination – I don’t always go everyday and I eat soooo many more vegetables than I used to. I am assuming that my first problem may be not enough water, but I wonder if there’s anything else I could be doing “wrong” to still have this problem?

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