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    A Candida albicans infestation often causes brain fog, and the reason that it’s is able to do this is very easy to understand.

    If you know much about a Candida infestation, you probably know that you are constantly absorbing alcohol because the yeasts/Candida are continually converting any small amount and any type of sugar into alcohol. Alcohol is alkalizing and therefore creates the perfect environment for the Candida. I imagine most of us know that drinking alcohol can create a certain form of “brain fog.”

    In addition, the large amount of alcohol gases will also congest the liver, which is an additional and major factor in the cause of brain fog. The liver acts as a filter for the blood, and if it’s congested, it cannot remove the toxins (such as alcohol) from the bloodstream fast enough. The toxins will pass through the blood-brain barrier therefore depriving the brain of oxygen and glycogen, and again, causing brain fog.


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